Designed for women, the ResMed AirTouch F20 for Her is the softest full-face CPAP mask available.

A soft memory foam cushion provides comfort and firm seal without leaving those tell-tale red marks on your face.

“Very happy with these new masks and the new Cushions are great heaps more comfortable and seem to stop the air leaking heaps better than my last mask…The new elbow has also eliminated the air leak sound I was experiencing.” ~ Chris

“I have been using CPAP machines for 15 years and recently purchased this mask. I am delighted, no more leaks, softer on the face, no more pressure on the forehead, easier to put on with the magnetic straps.” ~ E.P

Are you tired of fighting all night to keep your mask in place?

Would you like a full-face CPAP mask which is made smaller, to suit the smaller shape of the female?

It’s finally arrived.

Now there’s a full-face mask for women which uses ultra-soft memory foam cushions for the comfortable delivery of your sleep therapy.

Introducing the ResMed AirTouch F20 for Her

Incredibly soft and light to wear, it delivers superb comfort and performance.

The AirTouch F20 offers exceptional value for money! If you’re just entering the market, the $199 price (or $169 once you claim your cashback) makes it an affordable way to get started.

The QuietAir elbow reduces the noise and pressure of your exhaled air, so there is no draught to blow over you or your partner. Importantly, the mask won’t leave those red pressure marks on your face in the morning!

The light UltraSoft memory foam cushion technology performs even at high pressures, maintaining a breathable seal.

What else does it offer?

A modular frame.
The flexible frame allows you to switch between AirTouch F20 or AirFit F20 cushions should you wish to.

It’s easy to maintain.
All this mask needs is a wipe of the memory foam with the CPAP mask wipes and it’s clean.

Very hygienic.
Simply replace your mask cushions every 30 days to maintain their hygiene and their seal.


Will the mask work with high therapy pressure?
Yes, the mask is proven to perform at high therapy pressures, without leaving red marks across your face.

Order your ResMed AirTouch F20 for Her today and discover comfort you didn’t know possible from CPAP.