ResMed AirMini Starter Pack

$ 2,100.00 $ 1,749.00

The smallest CPAP machine in the World is now available. Your AirMini bundle includes: ResMed AirMini CPAP device, ResMed AirFit Mask, power adapter, tubing and waterless humidification PLUS a FREE Online Consultation (valued at $60)

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AirMini Device Fact Sheet
AirMini Accessories Fact Sheet
AirMini Humidification Fact Sheet

About the ResMed AirMini

The smallest CPAP machine in the world is here. AirMini is small in size but it is packed full of features. Use AirMini as a travel device or as your front line CPAP therapy system,

This Bedside Start Kit includes:

  • 1 x ResMed AirMini Autoset machine in White
  • 1 x ResMed AirFit mask (P10, N20 or F20)
  • 1 x ResMed AirFit mask setup kit (P10, N20 or F20)

AirMini’s innovative ActiveAir™ technology combined with special tubes, connectors and a built-in vent now mean we can have all of the features of the “big machine” packed into the ResMed AirMini . The technology is so intricate, once can only use the device with the ResMed AirFit P10, N20 or F20.

The Bedside Starter for the AirMini means your device can be securely stored next to your bed. This means full-time therapy is available, but a much simpler process for packing when you go on the road.

Airmini Starter kit comes with:

AirMini auto-adjusting CPAP machine: The tiny AirMini CPAP device can be used as an AutoSet, AutSet for Her or a Fixed Pressure device. The algorithm is the same as the ResMed AirSense CPAP devices.

Features include  Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR), AutoRamp,  Smart Start and Smart Stop.

The AirMini syncs with an app within your smartphone. From this, you can change settings, monitor performance and switch the device on and off.

ResMed AirMini Smartphone app: Use the AirMini smartphone app to activate your machine. Once this is done, manage the comfort settings  and keep tabs of your therapy progress.

The ResMed AirMini Bedside Starter kit includes:

  • ResMed AirMini auto-adjusting machine: (AutoSet, AutoSet For Her & Elite)
  • ResMed AirFit mask (P10, N20 or F20)
  • ResMed AirFit connector kit (P10, N20 or F20)
  • ResMed AirMini tube
  • ResMed AirMini app
  • ResMed 20W AC Power pack
  • ResMed draw-string bag
  • HumidX and HumidX plus humidification (not available for the F20 masks)(one sample of each)
  • Travel Bag

Power information
AC input range: 100-240V, 50-60Hz 115V, 400Hz (nominal for aircraft use)
DC output: 24V, 0.83A
Typical power consumption: 6.3W
Peak power consumption: 27W

Additional information

ResMed Mask

AirFit P10, AirFit P10 For Her, AirFit N20, AirFit N20 For Her, AirFit F20, AirFit F20 For Her, AirTouch F20, AirTouch F20 For Her

18 reviews for ResMed AirMini Starter Pack

  1. Avatar

    Bobbie Titcher

    Just loving my Air Mini. So light for travelling and uses only a fraction of the power of other machines.

  2. Avatar


    After battling for over a year with a large CPAP machine, buying demineralised water, filling the tank, cleaning the tank everyday, I’m now the proud owner of a ResMed AirMini, and I’m getting the best AHI reading for ages! it’s not only light, & compact, but easy to use, and I get the results the next morning via my smartphone app! I’d recommend this for any user, either for everyday use or for travelling. I’n an ex international airline employee, who really appreciates the ease of use when travelling!

  3. Avatar

    Kathy Reeves

    I absolutely love my new CPAP res med mini. Compared to my old machine it’s so much better. Cleaning it is a breeze. I use it when traveling because of its weight and size. Can’t wait to get the rechargeable batteries for it. Thanks so much guys!

  4. Avatar


    Like the Airmini very easy to use great that you can see how you have slept. The only downside is it is a bit noisy.

  5. Avatar

    Nigel Bowen

    I tried the Airmini as its compact size and low power usage was attractive to me, however I found it to be too noisy and didn’t give me the relief that I needed.

  6. Avatar

    Denise O’Brien

    It is a great size, and compact for travelling. I am getting the relief I need. However it affects my husband with his sleep as it is noisy.

  7. Avatar

    Stephen Renn

    My new Airmini is terrific. It is ideal for air travel, and I shall be putting it to that use in the near future. My old S8 was nearing the end of its life after nearly 10 years of service. Contrary to the experience of other users, I do not find the Airmini excessively noisy at all. The new humidifier tabs are also very good value; and the new mask works just fine.

  8. Avatar


    I am thrilled with my new air mini. It will be great for travelling, and hopefully get more life from our camper batteries. So much easier, smaller and lighter for other travel as well.

  9. Avatar

    Ronnie Jewitt

    Andrew has be wonderful in helping with the choosing of the right CPap for my husband. From the very beginning to now as we get ready for our travels. Thanks heaps!!

  10. Avatar


    I am very pleased after having purchased the Airmini. it’s quiet and compact so I can now take it with me if I go away for a girls weekend and won’t drive my girlfriends crazy with my snoring.

  11. Avatar

    Darryl Mackay

    very good less toilet trips more energy next day

  12. Avatar

    Nils Proctor

    I thought the AirMini had everything going for it.
    Low power usage, size for travel and no water needed. All these benefits have been significantly overshadowed by the noise. To the point, my partner can’t sleep and I only get a small amount of sleep for the night. I have wasted my money.
    I have been using cpap for 18 years.

  13. Avatar


    I was a bit doubtful about getting the expensive Air Mini, I normally use an Airsense 10 but was looking for a travel machine.
    The Air Mini will now be my primary machine its simply amazing.
    I read a lot of negative reviews about noise and for some reason people saying air from the vents. I find the Air Mini less noisy than my Airsense 10 and no air from the vents at all. There is a ver slight noise from the humidX chamber but really no more noisy than any CPAP machine.
    As far as therapy results I am getting a much better AHI “events” score with the Air Mini than I get with the Airsense 10.
    The machine is a dream to travel with I LOVE the bed mount kit and especially the easy mount for under the mattress makes using the Air Mini in a hotel a dream.
    I used the unit on Premium economy seat power no problems at all. I read some negative about the power adaptor coming loose on aircraft due to the heavy power adaptor , its not that big just that all the weight is indeed on the socket so to speak. Solution , easy = I bought the shortest 2m extension I could, into the aircraft power I plugged the smallest adaptor plug I could find, that went into the extension and the end of the extension I put the Air Mini power adaptor … worked fine and very easy, easier than plugging the adapter into the seat power socket.
    HumudiX works great. The only negative I give Resmed is that the APP only gives and very simple summary of your nights sleep results, there is no way to get detailed reports. The unit does upload your data to the could BUT customers have no access .. only the place you purchased the unit from can access the more details cloud info … THIS IS A BIG BIG mistake I think.. come on Resmed its 2018 you already have your cloud MYAIR solution give Air Mini users who are spending top dollar access to their information.
    However I give the Air mini 9 out of 10 I love it … 1 point lost for no access to cloud data.

  14. Avatar

    Jason Buckner

    Love this product, great to travel with

  15. Avatar


    The air mini is certainly more convenient to carry and use however it was far too noisy for me . My old H5i was a bit noisy but it became white noise and wasn’t in my face like the air mini. Also there is no on going expense with humidifying tabs etc. I would love it if my old face mask would fit on the new air mini. Thanks for the friendly service!

  16. Avatar

    Paul Hartland

    The best CPAP machine I have owned

  17. Avatar

    Paul Norris

    The Air-Mini is a great machine and although expensive, worth the investment. It’s compact size, light weight and absence of a conventional humidifier, make it an ideal unit to travel with. Others claim it is noisy, but that has not been my experience at all. The only ‘drawback’ I see is the ongoing cost of the humidifier tabs, but as I only intend using the Air- Mini when travelling (at least for the time being), this is not a problem for me personally.

  18. Avatar

    Peter Martin

    Air -Mini is a Great machine, I’ve been getting my best reading so far with more energy, no water to upset my sinuses, easy to clean, compact in size and low power usage, easy to travel with. Best machine yet says my wife…no air blowing all over her during the night and definitely no noise compared to the old machines.

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