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Hubby's snoring and sleeping was terrible once we purchased his machine snoring has stopped and he is getting a good nights sleep. Thank you
Karen Carnes
Excellent help and advice in store and fantastic follow up via email.
Paul Davey
A couple of weeks ago you had a promotion day, machine check and clean and so forth, of which I took the opportunity to attend and have my sleep machine checked. What I didn’t expect to see however, was the vast improvement in technology over the past eight years. I could not resist trying the latest you had available. Best move ever; ask my wife. I bought a ResMed Air10 I am now realizing that my old machine and mask were so out-dated and not giving me the correct assistance for a good night’s sleep. Your advice and help in choosing the correct mask and machine was invaluable. Good luck in your business.
Colin Duncan
I expected to be bothered by the sleep test tube in my nose and battery packs. To my surprise neither bothered me and I was soon dropping off to sleep.
Sleep Test Patient
I have successfully been using the machine for eighteen months now, I am the peak of the happiness every morning – no more headaches when I awake.
I have found the personal service to be first class. Sleepright are professional, personal and have made a difference to my quality of life.
Frank Johnson
Yes i was happy to find someone that allows you to pay off as no one funds them.
Tracey Cook
Great company
Great company to deal with. Andrew is very helpful and gives excellent service. have had some great sleeps with it & also have a very happy wife.THANKS.
Anth Snepvangers

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