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Data downloads from your CPAP – Why are they important and who wants to see them?

All modern CPAP machines allow data to be downloaded from them. Ever since I started helping people with their sleep apnea, data downloads have been a feature of CPAP devices. - In the early days, data was transferred from the device to a computer using a cable. -...

How to use your AirSense 10 Sleep Report

Your AirSense 10 device records your sleep every night and delivers the data to you each morning in your Sleep Report. This report will show you a variety of things including: Machine usage AHI Mask Fit Humidifier Information To find your Sleep Report, go to your...

What does the F, N and P mean in the ResMed AirFit CPAP masks?

You’ve probably heard of the ResMed AirFit N20, N30i, P10, P30i, F20 and F30. Have you ever wondered what the P, N and F mean?? N: The ‘N’ in AirFit N20 & AirFit N30i means “nose”. These are masks that will deliver CPAP therapy through the nose. The AirFit...

Buying CPAP Equipment Online

😳Buying CPAP equipment online can be very confusing.😳   We have recently updated our website and as a result of this we researched other companies and what they are offering and it left our head spinning...  At Sleep Right Australia, we specialise in...