CPAP Services

Local Services

Home Sleep Study

We conduct our sleep studies from the comfort of your own home. The sleep study process will involve us coming out to your home and fitting you with our premium SOMTE PSG sleep study device. This means you can go to sleep in your own time and in your own home.

This convenient process allows an accurate reflection of your regular night’s sleep. After completing the sleep study you will have the opportunity to discuss your results with our Sleep Physician, Dr David Cunnington.

CPAP Trials

It is important that before purchasing your own CPAP equipment that you know exactly what machine and mask will be comfortable and effective in treating your sleep apnoea.

To combat this, we offer 30 day CPAP trials. During your trial period you will be given a number of CPAP masks to try. These masks are different in fit and style in order to find out what is the most comfortable for you.

We endeavour to have three separate appointments with you- one to set you up, a two week appointment to discuss your progress and one to conclude the 30 day trial. During your trial period we will keep in regular contact with you and we will remotely monitor your CPAP data. We are available at all times throughout the process to ensure you feel comfortable and supported.

CPAP Equipment Review

We are available every weekday for appointments in our Wangaratta office and are available on a fortnightly basis in Mansfield & Cobram for CPAP equipment reviews.

We recommend having a review of your CPAP equipment every 12 months to ensure your equipment is working as it should be. We will also provide feedback to your GP to help support your overall health.

DVA Home Visits

We provide home visits for DVA gold card holders on a regular basis. During these visits we check over your CPAP equipment and provide any CPAP support needed.

Online Services

Online Equipment Review

CPAP reviews give you the chance to ensure your equipment is working as it should be and that there are no issues with your machine.

These appointments are important and they can now be conducted from the comfort of your own home when you book our Online CPAP Equipment Review.

Data Downloads

The data from your CPAP machine can tell you many things. It can show you your usage times, your AHI and the amount of leak you’re experiencing (among other things).

Data downloads can also provide an in-depth look into your usage and can aid your GP in maintaining your overall health.

Online Remote Monitoring

We now offer you the opportunity to sign your CPAP machine up with us so we can remotely monitor your CPAP data.

By signing up for this we will be able to continuously monitor your CPAP data and alter your CPAP settings as required ( alteration of settings only applies to those with an AirSense 10 machine).