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The big advantage of all of the ResMed CPAP machines is the ability for us to remotely monitor your therapy. All of the machines have a built-in sim card which sends us the data after each night of use. As a result of this remote monitoring we are then able to make changes to suit your individual therapy needs. The parameters we can change remotely are your pressure settings, the ramp settings, so the time to get from start pressure up to the therapy pressure, and also the humidity settings within your machine.

Experience enhanced sleep therapy with Sleep Right Australia's remote monitoring service for AirSense 10 and 11 CPAP devices. MyAir data is fantastic, but it is limited. If you need an explanation about your MyAir data or require more detailed information we can use our clinical software AirView to assist.

Under the guidance of Andrew Nunn, a seasoned expert with 13 years of ResMed CPAP device experience, the Sleep Right team will send out your data with any useful tips for more comfortable, effective CPAP therapy.

Elevate your sleep therapy to new heights with Sleep Right Australia. MyAir and AirView are fantastic tools from ResMed, but you still need somebody understanding and using the data to make the most of it.


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