• Is your CPAP equipment noisy or uncomfortable?
  • Do you feel like your therapy just isn’t working like it used to?
  • Unsure how to use your equipment or what results to expect?
  • Thinking about updating your equipment?
  • New to CPAP and looking for guidance?

We are experts in CPAP therapy.

When you have your one-to-one chat, you’ll be talking to one of our highly trained CPAP experts.

Online CPAP Equipment Review

Your appointment is with Andrew Nunn, a Biomedical Scientist with 10 years experience, and experience managing 1000’s of CPAP clients.

(21 customer reviews)

Why book a FREE CPAP equipment review?

  • Talk to a real person with extensive CPAP experience
  • Explore new strategies to overcome issues or concerns you may have
  • Receive a tailored CPAP solution for your individual needs
  • Receive honest advice about equipment options and alternative products available
  • Avoid taking time off work with an appointment outside work hours
  • Regain the confidence that your equipment is well maintained, working properly and delivering the best possible therapy for you.

…all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Note: We are not Sleep Physicians; we are trained specifically in CPAP and are very experienced at what we do.
If we think your problem is medically based, we will suggest you speak to your Doctor.

“I highly recommend an online equipment review. Andrew’s professional advice and extensive knowledge is exceptional. My review was extremely informative and he took the time to explain my results to me, listened to any concerns I had and provided me with equipment options available to address those concerns. I look forward to future reviews with Andrew from the convenience of my own home outside of my regular work hours.”

~ Julie, Sleep Right Australia customer

Online Review Feedback

21 reviews for Online CPAP Equipment Review

  1. Jennie Peut

    Andrew was very helpful when I contacted him regarding problems I was experiencing with masks. He was knowledgeable and I found his advice reassuring and useful

  2. Iwan Soebardi

    Andrew and Sleep Right have been simply amazing with their customer service from the day I ordered my Resmed CPAP. Delivery was faster than for any product I have purchased online, so that was impressive. Andrew called me to see how I was going on Day 2 of using my device and he has been happy to answer any queries immediately. Arranging an online consultation was a breeze and started punctually and Andrew allayed my concerns with clear explanations. Thanks for such great service.

  3. Kerryn Ahern

    Thank you Andrew for your excellent Customer Service. I have been able to order the tubing and mask easily and know that the order will be forwarded to me immediately. Andrew took the time to view my readings and to acknowledge my progress. I can highly recommend Sleep Right and would not hesitate to contact them at any time for guidance.

    • drsleepright

      Thanks for the kind words Kerryn

  4. Georgia Wilson

    I have an AirSense 10 Autoset for Her that I’ve been using for 18 months. I started having concerns that it wasn’t operating correctly. So, I booked an Online Equipment Review. Andrew checked out my machine and all is good. What’s even better is the review was done remotely and in the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend this service…especially if you live hours away from Wangaratta. Thanks, Andrew.

  5. Monica Schrader

    Andrew is just so helpful , the way he takes the time to check everything and explain what is wrong with it. We are very happy with his service.

    • drsleepright

      Thanks for the kind words Monica.

  6. Colin Shephard

    Easily a 5-star review. If superlatives were allowed, I’d be giving even more stars.
    Andrew readily and positively reviewed my CPAP history and use of the ResMed AirSense 10 Elite & AirFit P10 mask and nasal pillow set-up. He examined my data and provided constructive advice in relation to improved outcomes for me. I will most certainly be returning to Andrew to support him and his business because I know he is committed to providing a personal service, sadly quite unlike the majority of big sales groups associated with CPAP products. Thank you, Andrew.

    • drsleepright

      Appreciate the feedback Colin and look forward to seeing how we progress with the changes.

  7. Susan King

    It was great to be able to actually have a live chat with Andrew. I had been getting the run around with other companies and had not idea what to do. Then I remembered Sleep Right. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. He was very helpful and I will be sure to use Sleep. Thank you Andrew for solving my problem

    • drsleepright

      Thanks for the feedback Susan!

  8. Kim Brown

    Andrew was easy to talk to and put my fears in check. Especially in the current crazyness. Very helpful with suggestions that were greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your help.

    • drsleepright

      Appreciate the kind words, happy we could help.

  9. Robert Jones

    Andrew was prompt and very helpful with suggestions for a better outcome for me from my cpap. Much appreciated.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Any time Bob

  10. Cheryl

    Just ordered something online. Andrew was so helpful and friendly and talked me through the process step by step

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Glad we could help Cheryl

  11. David Allan

    Love the “Here to help “ ethos of Sleep Right. They introduced me to what turned out to be a transformational alternative to my current CPAP. I am now using – and loving – the ResMed AirMini. No sales pressure at any time – quite the opposite. Andrew’s approach throughout was that “I had to be personally convinced that it was right for me.” The second reason for an unequivocal 5🌟 rating was the after sale support. Despite the manual and (very valuable) app, I had a number of challenges getting used to the new system. Not only was Andrew prompt and clear in his advice, he was proactive in checking to make sure all was well. Bottom line? Great product and, in Sleep Right, an outstanding, truly customer-focused team.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Such kind words David. Very much appreciated.

  12. Ian Stockbridge

    All questions were answered politely. No pressure and follow up communications pretty much as discussed.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Thanks Ian

  13. Tracy

    On time, polite, not pushy.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Thanks Tracy

  14. Rob Keatch

    My online review with Andrew Nunn was extremely successful and informative after a minor start-up hiccup.
    It was done in a very professional manner in the convenience and comfort of our home saving us the travel time.
    Thankyou very much Andrew.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Happy to help Rob

  15. Peter Trescowthick

    Thank you Andrew for the review of my CPAP machine, and issues, I have.
    It was an easy experience, and very rewarding for me. You have given me some good leads into dealing with my sensitive nostrils and hay fever. I will let you know the outcome of trying a few suggested alternatives.
    I recommend to everyone to have a chat with Andrew, especially if you have some hicups using your machine.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Any time Peter

  16. Joe Torbay

    Andrew was a pleasure to deal with today. We talked face to face online and he took me through each machine and explained the details with no pressure. I highly recommend his services.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Appreciate the recommendation Joe

  17. Sonja Sutherland

    Andrew Nunn wow what can I say? A huge THANK YOU for your online CPAP review. Very helpful very professional and genuinely honest with the will to help and resolve any issues with my machine mask and hoses. I look forward to resolving the issues and having another review knowing Andrew’s advise and suggestions were successful. Once again thank you Andrew.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Thanks Sonja.

  18. Nigel Bowen

    I had an online CPAP review with Andrew Nunn, Sleep Right this morning. It was great to be able to discuss some of my concerns about how I was travelling with the treatment. He was reassuring and able to answer some of my questions and suggested different strategies for me to try to deal with them.
    I was very comfortable in discussing these issues with him online in the comfort of my home and not having to travel.
    This was a very helpful service and I would like to set future ones for a 6 or 12-month review.
    Most worthwhile. Thanks Andrew

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Thanks for the feedback Nigel, happy to help.

  19. Rob Hillier

    Spent a bit of time today talking with Andrew about new and upcoming products. He was amazingly helpful and incredibly honest about alternative products available compared with my current machine. This type of support is priceless and I will certainly be supporting Andrew further in future as he has assisted me again today. Many thanks

  20. Julie Smith

    I highly recommend Andrew Nunn. His professional advice and extensive knowledge is exceptional. My online review was extremely informative, and he took the time to explain my results to me, listened to any concerns I had, and provided me with equipment options available to address those concerns. I look forward to my future reviews with Andrew thanks to the convenience of having an online review in the comfort of my own home at a time outside of my regular work hours.

  21. Wendy Laing

    Andrew Nunn has proved to be a most helpful consultant. He explained how to use everything with my new ResMed AirMini, N20 mask and smart phone app. I highly recommend his services!

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