ResMed AirFit F20

$ 299.00 $ 219.00

The latest ResMed offering of a Full Face Mask.

The recently designed InfinitySeal silicone cushion is designed to tolerate any movements
The clips are magnetic and allow for a quick, efficient fitting process.

Has been a popular upgrade for those using the AirFit F10 and ResMed Quattro Air

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An easy fit for you

The ResMed AirFit F20 is designed specifically with comfort in mind for faces of all shapes and sizes.  Your specific therapy needs will be met with the ResMed F20 Full Face mask.

The softer cushion is more comfortable for our patients and is providing a better seal. The magnetic clips used to put the mask on and take the mask off are super easy to use. There has also been improvements to the elbow assembly making it much easier to attach and take off in the middle of the night.

  • New InfinitySeal cushion, made from silicone, accommodates with your movements.
  • Flexible,  frame that is fabric lined,  ensures breadth of fit that is comfortable
  • Soft headgear equals a comfortable night.
  • Also available in "For Her"

Patient's have tested and found they preferred the F20

An extensive back end testing process has allowed ResMed to come up with a full face mask that is ultra comfortable. A recent study by ResMed had data showing 86% of all people tested preferred the infinity seal provided by the ResMed AirFit F20.


You can get a guide for fitting independent of the official guide.  Grab a ruler to measure from the bridge of your nose (middle of  your eyes) to the valley located between your chin and lower lip. Use the measurements below to match with the appropriate size.

Small: 74-86 mm
Medium: 86-98 mm
Large: 98-110 mm

ResMed F20 User Guide
ResMed F20 Fitting Template
Airfit F20 Fitting Template

The ResMed AirFit F20 has been a great success since being released. Performance wise, the seals have improved – especially for those who require higher pressures. The magnetic clips have made it super easy to put on and off which has been great for our less mobile, elderly patients or those that have shoulder or finger injuries. Full Face masks have been handy for people who wear predominantly nasal masks when they have a cold or are congested.

Additional information

Mask Sizes


25 reviews for ResMed AirFit F20

  1. Jason

    Heaps easier to put on, much more comfortable. Loving this compared to my old F10

  2. Paul Davey

    I must have tried seven or eight different masks over the past year and this, as a mouth breather, is best by far.

    • drsleepright

      great news!

  3. Ian

    Love the F20 so much more comfortable and easier to sleep

    • drsleepright

      Ian, this is fantastic!

  4. Phil

    Well designed, great fit. Magnets make the mask easier to use. Think air flow out of mask is greater than previous mask, making this one a bit louder. Otherwise I’m happy with this mask.

  5. Barry Laws

    I believe the mask could be made to fit more comfortably (and softly) on my face. I appreciate the magnetic fittings which make life so much easier.

  6. Rob Ivone

    Finally starting to get back to enjoying sleep time – mask is great

  7. Jennifer

    Now able to sleep and wake feeling refreshed

  8. Mick

    Service is nothing short of 10 star. Could nort find headgear to suit mask (size wise) so resumed using old mask and headgear.

  9. Anthony

    Purchased the large size. I do like the magnetic clips at the front. I thought it would make me claustrophobic as it is my first mask but I didn’t have an issue with it.

    I find that it isn’t comfortable over my nose and seems quite large around my eyes, seems to protrude into them a bit. I am considering getting the upgrade to the AirTouch cushions.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      The AirTouch cushions have been very popular. We have quite a few people using both. Would the Medium cushion work?

  10. Robert Mcqueen

    the new mask is much more comfortable
    and the magnetic clips are more managable

  11. Richard Walker

    As a previous user of the Quattro and the F10 series masks, I can confidently say that the F20 is the most comfortable mask I’ve owned.
    The F20 is the quietest mask I’ve ever owned. The redesigned elbow stops nearly all noise and vented air from blasting my wife in the face when I turn to face her in bed!
    However, the peak of the mask does ride a little high sometimes which puts pressure on, and irritates my eyes but I rarely ever get air escaping and the memory foam gives a reassuring seal 99% of the time.
    I’d definitely recommend anyone to give the F20 a go.

  12. Karen

    I really love this mask. It’s so soft and so blissfully quiet.

  13. Bill green

    So far so good havnt had it long but getting used to it , full face mask helps keep mouth closed and stating to feel slight benefit

  14. Peter Cardwell

    Comfortable fit, easy to use and a full nights sleep

  15. Mark

    Great mask. Easy to fit. Easy to clean. Leak rate almost 0. All stats down. Cant recommend highly enough 5 stars not enough

  16. Michael Parker

    Wow just Wow i used the ResMed AirFit F20 for the first time last night after using the ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask for 11 years this new mask was just so comfortable to wear while i slept plus the head gear was amazing!!! Recommend this mask to everyone

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      This is great Michael! Glad we called to follow up. It has been a terrific improvement from ResMed.

  17. Glen Turner

    The headgear was very comfortable and the breather was so much better than my last brand of mask ,it made it very easy to breath .

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Good to hear Glen

  18. Eric Stacey

    The most comfortable mask I’ve ever used, minimal mask leaks

  19. Mark Troy

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “oy” in “author_name” *]
    The mask is great and the service was fantastic (ordered Tuesday, received Thursday in WA).

  20. James Cozens

    Satisfied with product relative to its purpose

  21. Glenn

    Great mask brilliant service

  22. whitto

    Definitely an improvement on the old Quattro mask. Easier to use and doesn’t require tight fit, which makes it more comfortable. Still leaves bad indentation marks on the lower part of the face. I would have thought they would have solved this by now.

  23. Simo

    Comfortable and easy to fit

  24. Ian

    This one seems to fit better than my previous mask, all in all a good night’s sleep makes Ian a happy chappy

  25. Bill.Wraith

    Much more comfortable & quieter than my previous machine

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