Sleep Right Australia provide a Home sleep testing and sleep apnoea and snoring treatment in Shepparton.

Home Sleep Testing

Our home sleep study is service is the premium service that can be offered.

  • You will have a technician come to your home in the evening to fit the equipment for you.
  • You will be tested using the most advanced sleep testing equipment available – the Somte PSG.
  • Our studies are scored by Sleep Physician, Dr David Cunnington who provides treatment recommendations and is available for follow up consults.
  • We arrange pick up of the device the following morning
  • We guarantee your sleep study result within 2 weeks of the study
  • Your results discussion is included in the price of your sleep study

We believe that coming to your home and fitting the equipment is the ultimate in Home Sleep testing service. This means you do not have to take time off work for an appointment during the day. You do not have to stress about a complicated process before bed, worrying if you have done it correctly.

Learn More About In-Home Sleep Testing

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Sleep Apnoea and Snoring treatment

Whether you have done your study with us or with somebody else we provide treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea.

We believe a big part of your treatment is education on what your issue is and how your treatment works. We aim to provide the best treatment which is practical for you.

CPAP trials:

Before using CPAP ongoingly the trial is paramount. Our trials differ from our competitors:

  • You trial your mask before purchasing – a big advantage
  • Your therapy will be monitored remotely, giving us nightly data of your CPAP use through the trial from our Headquarters, allowing the appropriate follow up
  • Part of your trial is refunded at the point of purchase

Exploring other options:

At Sleep Right Australia we understand that CPAP isn’t for everybody. We will explore other options with you in our consults to ensure your therapy is practical for you.