• Is your CPAP equipment noisy or uncomfortable?
  • Do you feel like your therapy just isn’t working like it used to?
  • Unsure how to use your equipment or what results to expect?
  • Thinking about updating your equipment?
  • New to CPAP and looking for guidance?

We are experts in CPAP therapy.

When you have your one-to-one chat, you’ll be talking to one of our highly trained CPAP experts.

Online CPAP Equipment Review

Why book a CPAP equipment review?

  • Talk to a real person with extensive CPAP experience
  • Explore new strategies to overcome issues or concerns you may have
  • Receive a tailored CPAP solution for your individual needs
  • Receive honest advice about equipment options and alternative products available
  • Avoid taking time off work with an appointment outside work hours
  • Regain the confidence that your equipment is well maintained, working properly and delivering the best possible therapy for you.

…all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Note: We are not Sleep Physicians; we are trained specifically in CPAP and are very experienced at what we do.
If we think your problem is medically based, we will suggest you speak to your Doctor.

“I highly recommend an online equipment review. Andrew’s professional advice and extensive knowledge is exceptional. My review was extremely informative and he took the time to explain my results to me, listened to any concerns I had and provided me with equipment options available to address those concerns. I look forward to future reviews with Andrew from the convenience of my own home outside of my regular work hours.”

~ Julie, Sleep Right Australia customer