A portable CPAP Battery means your CPAP device will always work.

Give yourself a permanent power supply.

Portable CPAP Battery

“A brilliant product – I’ve used it & it certainly gives peace of mind – no interruptions if the mains power goes off!”

~ Wendy

“A must have! Works great. Wish I had gotten two. Power outages no longer bother me and now I can go camping.”

~ Paul

What do you do if you’re facing a power blackout or travelling and can’t find a suitable power source for your CPAP device?

You could panic, or you can plan ahead and find a portable power source.

Introducing the Pilot 24 PLUS Portable CPAP Battery

Designed to work with the ResMed AirMini, AirSense 10 and ResMed S9 Series, the Pilot-24 PLUS battery is a standalone power supply or backup battery that will keep your device working when you need it.

You are probably already using a CPAP device, so you understand how important it is to have a good night’s sleep.  Even a single night of poor sleep leaves you grumpy, tired and distracted during the day.

Unlike other batteries, you don’t need to remove the mains power and put in your battery. The Pilot 24 PLUS portable CPAP Battery kicks in seamlessly without you having to lift a finger.  

Now you don’t have to worry about waking to find the power has gone out and your sleep is ruined because your CPAP device has turned off. Your standalone CPAP battery automatically takes over.

Nor do you need to worry about how to keep your device powered up while you travel or go camping. Your portable CPAP Battery will keep your device powered up every night.

The Pilot 24 PLUS CPAP Battery kicks in if the power goes out and maintains a smooth and continuous delivery of your sleep therapy.

Portable CPAP Battery
Portable CPAP Battery

What else does it offer?

What about a nightlight?

The Pilot 24 PLUS CPAP Battery includes an LED light, so you can find what you need even if the lights have gone out.

What about a USB port?

Yes! This handy portable power supply includes a USB port, so you can charge your other handheld devices as well.


How long will the battery last?
You will get 2 nights use with the battery with humidification settings turned off or 6-7 hour with them on.

How much room does it take up? 
At 19cm long and only 2 cm high, the slimline battery pack is small and takes up very little room.

How long does it take to charge?
The batter pack charges up in only 3-4 hours.

Don’t risk a power failure ruining your sleep. Order a portable CPAP Battery for your RedMed device today.