Sleep Right Australia is pleased to announce that it will now be selling THERAVENT, a product designed to combat snoring with proven results to either stop it or improve it dramatically.

“We have been using its big brother PROVENT as a cure for Sleep Apnoea to good effect. Said Biomedical Scientist Andrew Nunn. “Now we have a product for people who aren’t suffering sleep apnoea as such but want to eradicate snoring.”

“We came across this product at the annual Australian Sleep Association meeting and are really keen to see how it goes.”

While it is still recommended that if you are a heavy snorer and are symptomatic of sleep apnoea you do a sleep study the product is a good way to introduce people into the world of Sleep Medicine.

“We are going to be very careful with how we distribute the product” Said Mr Nunn. “Sleep Apnoea is a serious issue and we need to ensure people get treated appropriately if it is present, we do however believe there is a place for this product in the market for people who mostly concerned about their snoring.”

Sleep Right Australia are selling 30 nights worth of THERAVENT for $55 incl GST + P&H.

For more information or to give the product a go call us on 1800 799 950 or email