At Sleep Right Australia we are often working with patient’s who have been told to lose weight to help with their sleep, snoring and sleep apnoea. We understand that if you are not sleeping well you are tired. When you are tired this severely effects motivation and energy levels which is universally known to effect our ability to exercise.


What is less known, is that if we are suffering from Sleep Apnoea the associated interrupted sleep can severely hamper the release of metabolic hormones which means we are not getting the chemical help within us to break down our food.

“These two factors severely hamper our ability to lose weight and that is why it is common for Sleep Apnoea patients to lose weight quite quickly once they begin treatment.” Said Biomedical Scientist Andrew Nunn.
When working with our patients we often use this diagram to show that improving one’s sleep can be used as a cycle breaker.

“At the Mansfield Clinic we have a gym in the same building. It gives me a lot of satisfaction seeing a patient I have recently treated sign up for gym classes.” Said Mr Nunn. “We have seen some dramatic changes in weight with some patients losing up to 19 KG since starting treatment. Obviously treating sleep issues on their own isn’t the magic answer but we can be pretty confident in saying it does significantly contribute to improving peoples health.”