After a solid 6 months of hiring, negotiating and researching our premises is now open and we have been rapt with the attention and support we have been receiving.

A lot of people have come into the shop and lots of people outside the shop have been asking lots of questions so here are some answers.

Who is Sleep Right Australia?
We have been in operation for 5 years based out of Mansfield. We have been visiting Wangaratta for the past 3 years on a fortnightly basis working out of the Wangaratta Cardiology rooms. Andrew Nunn who is the founder of Sleep Right is a Biomedical Scientist who works closely with his Sleep Physician in Melbourne. Wendy Mulrooney has been hired as an office assistant and will be working Full Time with Sleep Right. Wendy has already proven to be a huge asset.

What do Sleep Right Australia do?
Sleep Right Australia test for sleep apnoea and snoring. We then subsequently treat it and manage treatment on an ongoing basis.

We conduct sleep studies in the patient’s home. We require a referral form a GP or Specialist to conduct a sleep study. Once we have the referral we organise a time for a technician to visit your home and fit the device. The next day we upload the data and get a result from our Sleep Physician within a fortnight. We then have a results discussion.

In conjunction with your Doctor, we then make a treatment plan and implement it. Typically to treat snoring and sleep apnoea we will use three different therapies – CPAP, Mandibular Advancement Splints (mouthguards) and PROVENT (nasal valves)

We also review existing snoring and sleep apnoea patient’s treatment.

Why would I need a sleep study?

Sleep apnoea and snoring are both very common. Despite it getting more attention, still a large amount of people remain undiagnosed.

If your bed partner reports that you snore or that you stop breathing, this is the best indicator that you have sleep apnoea.

Furthermore, good indicators of sleep apnoea are: waking unrefreshed, tiredness during the day, snoring, need for the toilet during the night, waking with a dry mouth or sore throat, headaches and reflux. Sleep apnoea is also linked with High Blood Pressure, Type II diabetes, Depression, Atrial Fibrillation and other Cardio Vascular issues.

It is best to talk to your Doctor if you think you may have sleep apnoea.

What equipment do you stock?

We are Exclusive ResMed dealers, though we do have access to other company’s equipment. We can provide check-ups and services on any machines.
ResMed have just recently released the AirSense 10 device range and the AirFit range of masks. The beauty of the new machines is that they are smaller, quieter and allow for remote access.
The remote access means we get daily updates on your data. Furthermore, we can adjust settings remotely which we are already finding to help with compliance levels and ongoing use.
The masks continue to get smaller and quieter which again is translated to a better patient experience.

Mandibular Advancement Splints
We use the Sleep Wise Lab in Mlebourne who have 25 years experience specialising in mandibular Advancement Splints. The devices are comfortable and effective and come with money back guarantees if they do no work.

Depending on the severity of your condition we have nasal valves that can treat snoring and sleep apnoea using EPAP therapy.
If you have any further questions either call us on 1800799950 visit us at 82 Ovens Street Wangaratta or check our website