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To Andrew Nunn. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your crew at Sleep Right for your excellent Customer Service, it was second to none. My order was processed and dispatched at an exceedingly fast speed, as I needed the spare parts in quick time. A special thanks to the young Lady on the desk, who I believe is called Becks who was very professional with her way in dealing with a Customer who doesn't know really what he's trying to order. She's a great asset to the Company. Keep up the very high standard of Customer Service that you give Sleep Right........Its the best that I've come across ! If only more Companies took a leaf out of your book, shopping on line would be very much better and professional. Once again.........Thanks ! ........Sleep Right.
Nigel Suddery
Recently the transformer on the power lead died and Wendy dropped it off to us on her way to another appointment. That's service.
Rob Keatch
Buying only those pieces of equipment I needed was a great help. Sleep Right saved me a lot of money and I appreciate it. Good service.
Stephen Edwards
Very impressed with speed of delivery. Did not have to go without part for long.
Salisbury North
Very customer service friendly. Nice quick delivery.
David Brimblecombe
Great service Fast delivery
Fitzroy Crossing WA
Extreme prompt service, in the convenience of my own home. Also very approachable and helpful when explaining results and answering my questions.
Jenny Martin
Bungeet West
Great service. On time delivery
Andrew has helped me understand about CPAP, the trial with all the options to find out the best type for me which build up my confidence to use it whereas Wendy was very good with providing the necessary air travel documents. I am thankful to both Andrew and Wendy for their efforts in providing the service.
Harshil Vakharia
Very Helpful, answered all my questions, and they are still being helpful to this day.
Logan Central
Friendly service, great to have Cobram appointments.
Sleepright has proven to be 'on the ball' with Sales Service and after service. I really appreciate that they are regularly following up on information re SoClean 2 adaptor for the ResMed AirMini that I bought.
Wendy Laing
Roxburgh Park
Order filled promptly at acceptable price
Jim Henwood
Everything seems to be going fine, I wish I had known about the new compact model.
Rod Dolan
Great communication. Continued advice and help.
Geoff Moulder
To be able to receive a product as prompt and utilizing the Afterpay arrangement was very impressive, and I would recommend the service to others.
John Cockburn
Quick service and good price.
Kevin Buck
I ordered online, which was easy. The delivery was very prompt
Judy Knight
Exceptional service and prices. Fast delivery of products. Have used the online chat facility and it was great with professional service and advice. Would highly recommend this company and its products
Christine Sheehan
Hubby's snoring and sleeping was terrible once we purchased his machine snoring has stopped and he is getting a good nights sleep. Thank you
Karen Carnes
Excellent help and advice in store and fantastic follow up via email.
Paul Davey
A couple of weeks ago you had a promotion day, machine check and clean and so forth, of which I took the opportunity to attend and have my sleep machine checked. What I didn’t expect to see however, was the vast improvement in technology over the past eight years. I could not resist trying the latest you had available. Best move ever; ask my wife. I bought a ResMed Air10 I am now realizing that my old machine and mask were so out-dated and not giving me the correct assistance for a good night’s sleep. Your advice and help in choosing the correct mask and machine was invaluable. Good luck in your business.
Colin Duncan
I first went to see Andrew at Sleepright after falling asleep at the wheel of my car and it was one of the more sensible things I have done. After discovering the extent of my sleep apnoea ( through a night home visit) Andrew was able to fit me out with a CPAP machine and even spent time trying to get the best mask arrangement for me. This was followed by regular monitoring of how I am going along with checks of my machine and other advice from time to time. I have found the personal service to be first class and Andrew is always available at quite short notice. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Andrew and Sleeprights services and support. They are professional, personal and have made a difference to my quality of life.
Sleep Test Patient
I expected to be bothered by the sleep test tube in my nose and battery packs. To my surprise neither bothered me and I was soon dropping off to sleep.
Sleep Test Patient
I have successfully been using the machine for eighteen months now, I am the peak of the happiness every morning ? no more headaches when I awake.
I have found the personal service to be first class. Sleepright are professional, personal and have made a difference to my quality of life.
Frank Johnson
Yes i was happy to find someone that allows you to pay off as no one funds them.
Tracey Cook
Great company
Great company to deal with. Andrew is very helpful and gives excellent service. have had some great sleeps with it & also have a very happy wife.THANKS.
Anth Snepvangers