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Oral Appliances

Based on over 40 years of published scientific studies oral appliances are now regarded by sleep physicians as the best available treatment for snoring, and along with CPAP one of the two main treatments for sleep apnea. The appliances are made from thin yet high strength laminates and acrylic, go over the tops of the teeth and are worn during sleep. Oral appliances have been proven to be effective, safe and comfortable.


Types of oral appliances

Custom made oral appliances

The most effective, comfortable types of appliances are those made from impressions and models of the patient’s own teeth. These customised appliances ensure a perfect fit and can be made very thin and of minimal dimensions yet are still strong enough to last for many years.

How effective is an oral appliance?

There are now studies demonstrating that appliances are over 95% effective in overcoming snoring with similar results for treating mild to moderate sleep apnea

Is the oral appliance an alternative to CPAP?

While CPAP is regarded as gold standard treatment for severe sleep apnea, based on many scientific studies, oral appliances are now regarded by sleep specialists as a viable alternative to CPAP. Many other people with severe sleep apnea might continue to use their CPAP and use an oral appliance when travelling or times where there is no access to power.

Our preferred provider for oral appliances is SleepWise Clinic

The dentists at SleepWise Clinic, Dr Harry Ball, Dr Aniko Ball, and Dr Russell Emery are amongst the most experienced practitioners in Australia and utilise the latest range of new generation oral appliances that have been scientifically proven to be effective and comfortable. They work exclusively in this field and do not practice general dentistry.