ResMed AirFit F30 Mask

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The ResMed AirFit F30 comes equipped with everything you need for a quiet and comfortable night of CPAP therapy.

This full-face mask has been innovatively designed to ensure nothing encroaches on your nasal bridge area, allowing for no red masks or discomfort there.

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4 reviews for ResMed AirFit F30 Mask

  1. Pablo Ortiz

    This is the best CPAP mask I have ever used!

    The seal on this mask is perfect, I do not get leaks at night even when I toss and turn. The size of the mask also means that I can watch TV without any obstructions in my field of view and at night if I need to get up to go to the toilet its super easy to keep the mask on but disconnect the tubing (just by pressing two little clips).

    In the past I have used the AirFit P10 nasal pillows, however I also had to use a chin strap to keep my mouth closed and keep a proper seal whilst I slept. The weight of the nasal pillows against my upper lip kept waking me up during the night and I also found that at least for me it was easy to get a leak from the nasal pillows if I shifted position during the night. The AirFit F30 does away with all that in one simple design and with a superior head gear that keeps the mask just where its supposed to be.

    Now if the AirFit F30 is so good, why then did I only give it 4 stars? The simple reason is that by using the F30 for 3 days consecutively, I have discovered that I am allergic to latex (I have the red/itchy mask seal print to prove it). I would gladly give this mask a 5 star rating if ResMed would come up with their own mask liner to form a barrier between my skin and the mask. Having looked into this issue I have come to realize that I am not the only person who is allergic to the latex in CPAP masks, and whilst there are aftermarket barriers such as REMZzz these have not been designed solely for the F30.

  2. Rod Petch

    This is a terrific mask and a lot less intrusive than the former full face option. I’m a nasal pillow user and really wanted an option I can use from time to time when breathing is difficult or I have a cold to allow mouth breathing without any leaks.

    I’ve only used the mask a couple of times and although I had disturbed sleep there was very little leak and my discomfort was more from the change to a mask than the mask itself. I will pesevere and fine tune the experience and am sure it will be a great option in the future when needs arise.

    I would like to see the option of memory foam appear down the track but all in all a great job Resmed.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Thanks Rod, will be interesting to see the future of the memory foam masks. I’m a fan of the AirTouch, but not sure of the $$ for ResMed.

  3. Andrew

    Quietest mask I’ve ever had, both the wife and I like it. Fits well straight out of the box.
    This is my mask. Moving forward.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Good work Andrew. Good choice.

  4. Nigel Mallaber

    I did not like full face masks when I trialled them and have used nasal pillows combined with a chin strap for the past two years but became frustrated when I became congested and could not use therapy properly. I saw this mask, liked the design and thought that I would give it a go. It is very comfortable, quiet and hardly any leak rate. Would recommend it.

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