ResMed AirFit F20 for Her

$ 299.00 $ 229.00

The ResMed AirFit 20 series For Her mask is designed specifically for women.

The mask is specifically designed to give every woman an individualised mask suited to her unique facial features and adapted to the way that she sleeps.

Many patients have upgraded form the F10 and Quattro Air and have found the F20 more comfortable and easier to use.

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An easy fit for you

The ResMed AirFit F20 is specifically designed to comfortably fit faces of all shapes and sizes.  The fit is secure and comfortable and has a seal which is designed to fit your specific, therapy needs.

The two big advantages of the F20 are the soft cushion, and the magnets to take it on and off. This softer cushion allows for a much more comfortable seal, but also an effective seal during the night, giving us the confidence that the mask is doing its job as therapy providers.

  • New InfinitySeal silicone cushion accommodates movements and is able to help with misfittings.
  • Magnetic clips allow for very easy use
  • Flexible, material-lined frame allows breadth of fit and is also comfortable
  • Softer headgear means more comfort through the night
  • Also available in "For Him"


Patient tested and preferred

A lot of back end testing has gone into the development of the F20 and the hard work has paid off with a comfortable, quiet popular mask. A study performed by ResMed recently, has shown, when compared to the current market-leading full face mask, 86% of all people preferred the seal of the ResMed AirFit F20.

A large amount of patient's said they preferred the ResMed AirFit F20 over the current market leader in terms of stability and ease of use.1

If you don't have a sizing guide, use a ruler to measure from the bridge of your nose (middle of  your eyes) to the valley between your lower lip and your chin. As a guide, the below measurements are matched with the size.

Between 74-86 mm: Small
Between 86-98 mm: Medium
Between 98-110 mm: Large

ResMed F20 User Guide
ResMed F20 Fitting Template
Airfit F20 Fitting Template

Dr SleepRight says

The ResMed AirFit F20 has been a great success since being released. Performance wise, the seals have improved - especially for those who require higher pressures. The magnetic clips have made it super easy to put on and off which has been great for our less mobile, elderly patients or those that have shoulder or finger injuries. 

Additional information

Mask Sizes

S, M, L

14 reviews for ResMed AirFit F20 for Her

  1. Marg

    No more marks on my face!! So easy to put on…. YAY!!!

  2. Kate

    Need an extra small as the small is still too big. And I do still have marks on my face. But very easy to put on and take off. And hose slips off nightly.

  3. Dawn Culhane

    I love my Resmed i use it every night and can’t believe the difference it has made to my nights sleep

  4. trudy

    i cant ware it.. as it builds up a lot of condensation in the mask , enough to tip the water out… I had to revert back to my old mask

    • drsleepright

      Hi Trudy, we will be in contact shortly to try and help with this issue.

  5. Jennifer Murphy

    I am having problems with red marks on either side of my nose. I did not seem to have as much problem with the f10. I can only hope this will improve with time.

    • drsleepright

      Hi Jennifer, give it a little bit of time and see how it goes. We recommend wiping the cushion daily to remove any oils and dirt from skin; we find this can help.

  6. Anrice Coetzee

    Absolutely LOVE it!

  7. Milly Nunn

    I contacted Andrew last Friday afternoon to order this mask. It arrived by post on Monday morning- such prompt service. My new mask has an excellent seal and minimal noise. I slept really deeply.
    Many thanks for being so helpful and efficient once again. It is a pleasure dealing with you and your company

  8. Erin

    Love the mask. I find it smaller in sizing compared to my older mask. I’m still having red marks but nothing compared to my old mask. So easy to get on and off

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Hi Erin, thanks for your feedback here. Perhaps the AirTouch cushion may be worth considering for the marks on the face? It is memory foam and replaceable every 30 days.

  9. Marjorie Coulter

    I am finding the mask really good and have been using it all night. The only problem is that I have marks on my face when I wake up.

  10. Pauline Mulquiney

    I’m finding my new Airfit F20 mask to be an improvement on my old one. The new one does not create the cold draught that used to plague me from the old one. It is also quieter. I sleep a lot more comfortably.

  11. Elizabeth Drummey

    My new Aifit F20 mask is very comfortable to wear and I sleep all night with it on.

  12. Kirsty

    Very happy with my mask! I seem to be able to get a good seal each night. It’s comfortable and not sweaty (which was my biggest fear). Easy to clean. And I get a good nights sleep!

  13. Julie Sheilds

    Both my husband and I bought one of these masks on the same day. It is easy to put on, very comfortable and very quiet. Cleaning is also very easy We are both very happy with the new masks and the service provided

  14. Thea

    Amazing mask! Love that it has a good seal and relatively comfortable to wear also. No intense marks on face, still a bit big for my face even with the small but overall really happy. 🙂

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