ResMed AirFit N20 For Her

$ 275.00 $ 229.00

Our ResMed AirFit N20 for Her range
Designed for women, this range has been specifically crafted to give every woman a more personalised mask that better meets her unique facial features and adapts to the way she sleeps.

ResMed N20 For User Guide
ResMed N20 For Her Fitting Template
Airfit N20 Fitting Template Row

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Compact nasal mask

  • InfinitySeal silicone cushion is designed for allowing movements and misfitting tolerance
  • The material-lined frame is flexible and allows comfortable fitting across the breadth of the face
  • Easy to fit using the magnetic clips
  • Soft, plush headgear for comfortable therapy through the night
  • For Her version available.

Easy to fit  InfinitySeal technology

ResMed's most recent clinical study, showed the AirFit N20 cushion fit 99.4% of patinet's faces.1
The uniquely, contoured cushion, made from silicon, will reshape itself to your face profile. The mask movements are in sync with you through the evening. The fit is secure and comfortable. This seal is designed for your CPAP needs.

Patient tested and preferred

The ResMed N20 has been back tested thoroughly and is an excellent choice for a nasal mask.  ResMed's most recent study showed 75% of patients were happier with the AirFit N20 as a stable nasal mask option when compared to their current mask.

The unique soft cushion technology, blended with a softer fabric frame, make the N20 a very exceptional nasal mask –  71% of  patients confirmed that their preference was the AirFit N20 instead of their currrent nasal mask.

The AirFit N20 for Her mask

Designed specifically for females, the range gives an individualised mask experience that meets your facial features and adapts according to your sleep positioning.

Sizing Guide

If you don't have a size guide, you can use a ruler to measure you nose width. The measurements below are linked to the sizes:

Between 23-37 mm: Small
Between 30-45 mm: Medium
Between 45-55 mm:  Large

Fitting your AirFit N20

Follow the Steps Below:

  1. Unclip the Magnets
  2. Place the mask on your face and pull the headgear over the top of your head
  3. Bring both magnets forward to attach to the clip at the front of the mask
  4. Velcro tabs can be adjusted on the top straps.
  5. Velcro tabs can be adjusted on the bottom straps.
  6. The mask should be tight enough for it to seal, but not so tight that it is comofortable
  7. Connect the mask and tubing from the CPAP device.
  8. Switch on your therapy device.

Dr SleepRight says:

The ResMed AirFit N20 For Her is a mask all nasal mask wearers should at least try once. Its soft, has nothing in front of the eyes and with magnetic clips, is super easy to put on and off.

Additional information

Mask Sizes

S, M, L

22 reviews for ResMed AirFit N20 For Her

  1. Wendy Laing

    The N20 ask is by far the best I’ve ever used. It’s easy to put on, and the nose mask doesn’t leak!

  2. Sharon Gavan

    Not suitable for me at all. Blew air up into my eyes.

    • drsleepright

      Hi Sharan, we will be in touch shortly to see if we can find a solution for you

  3. Cindy Shelton

    i have tried a few Masks and This One has proved to be the Far better One, This Company is really easy to deal with, Fast Shipping, and I will be doing more shopping here when needed.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Appreciate the feedback Cindy!

  4. Anne Clow

    Now that I am used to the mask, I find it comfortable, and using it all through the night.

  5. Lorraine Allan

    The best mask I’ve used,very comfortable ,great not wrestling with the longer hose, very happy with it .

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Great result

  6. Robert McMonigle

    I found this mask was the most comfortable to use and, even though I am a male, the “For Her” one suited better than the equivalent male version. I wouldn’t have thought my head and nose were smaller than average, but the male one did not sit firmly enough, and the head band couldn’t be adjusted.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Whatever works Robert! nice job.

  7. Diana

    Soo pleased with my new mask Andrew and thanks for your personal service 😊

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      No worries Diana, glad you like it.

  8. Robert Ireland

    Seems to be very good. A lot quieter than her last one, and more comfortable.

  9. Pip Carson

    Happy with new mask. Fits well and doesn’t leak.

  10. Karen Rivett

    Have used N20 now for only just over 2 weeks after purchase of my machine, does not suit side sleeper, very noisy air flow & problems with water in mask each night. Would prefer nasal pillow.

  11. Wendy Laing

    a comfy fit – no leaks – that’s why I bought a new one, to replace my first one!

  12. Margaret Baxter

    Thanks for your assistance with purchasing this new mask. I will be using Sleep Right again and their support via phone and chat has made this an easy choice. The mask fits extremely well and is more comfortable than the previous nasal pillows . Easy to fit and one adjustment and I have used and slept right on!

  13. Dianne Humphries

    Great mask. I have no problems with leaks

  14. Robyn

    Very comfortable, easy to put on and take off. Remains in place all night.

  15. Kimbra Priest

    My new Resmed N20 mask is a very comfirtsbke fit, there has been no leakage.

  16. Wendy Laing

    My new cpap N20 mask arrived quicky! This mask has been a godsend – fitting perfectly, and giving me a great nights sleep!
    I’ve finally ‘retired’ my old N20!

  17. Kerrie Carlon

    Fits well, easy to adjust and very quiet.

  18. Nola Andrews

    Replacement mask is working perfectly for me thanks folks. Sleeping comfortably – a miracle in hay fever season!

  19. Janet Kohn

    My N20 mask is a vast improvement on my old one. It stays in place all night and I have had no issues with leakage of air. I am sleeping very well, it is easy to put on and I don’t have to remove it if I have to get up through the night. It is also easier if I want to read in bed. I initially had some condensation issues but a conversation with Andrew and some adjustments to my machine settings has resolved the problem. No hesitation in recommending this mask and Andrews team at Sleep Right.

  20. Nola Maher

    This mask is 100% perfect for me. I have about 3 others and have not been happy with any of them so did not use my machine (and suffered for it) I am now using it every night and feeling much better

  21. Nola Maher

    This mask is 100% suitable for me . No problems with it from the very first time I put it on it was the perfect . I’m now wearing it happily every night thankyou.

  22. Nola M

    Have not missed a night using my N20 mask it is perfect for me

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