You are watching this video because you are about to start a CPAP trial.

The outcomes we are trying to achieve by doing this CPAP trial will vary from person to person. As a general rule, the things that we are trying to help with are snoring, symptom relief, so we want people waking more refreshed, having more energy during the day, waking up without headaches, and feeling less sleepy during the day. And lastly, you may be using CPAP to help manage another health condition. So when you get home, the first thing you’ll do is unpack your CPAP equipment. Within your bag, you’ll have a machine, the humidifier, a power cord, and the heated tube.

You’ll put your power cord into the socket in the wall, and then you’ll then insert the power into the back of the machine. You’ll then get out your humidifier tub. When filling your humidifier tub, simply pour the water into here up to the maximum line. It is very important to not overfill your humidifier tub. Simply close your humidifier tub and insert that into the side of the machine. Your bag will also contain a heated tube. The heated tube has this little chip. It’s important to plug this little chip into the back of the machine in order for that to heat up during the night.

I have pre-programmed all of your settings so your machine is now ready to use. The next thing I’m going to show you is how to apply your CPAP masks. We have provided you with a few different masks to trial. The general rule for applying your mask is the same for all of them. I recommend putting the mask on your face first, and then applying the headgear. Once your mask is on, you have Velcro straps you can adjust it with, Velcro at the top, and Velcro down the bottom.

Feel free to adjust these straps when you get home. Once you’re in bed and lying down, there may be subtle changes that you need to make. With this one, it’s a little bit different with how we put it on. On the bottom of the mask, you’ve got left and right. And you’ve got the size. Again, what I recommend doing is putting the mask on your face first. And then pulling the strap to the back of your head. Usually this top strap will sort itself out, but again, once it’s on, you can adjust it to be more comfortable. When working out which mask you want to use, my advice is for you to pick the mask you’re most comfortable with. When you get home, you may lie down with one that you think is the most comfortable, but then you might start asking questions.

Do I want something smaller on my face? Do I want to breathe through my mouth? We’re not really going to know the answer to this until you give it a try. CPAP can be a tricky therapy to get used to. Some people will pick it up straight away. Other people, it takes a little bit more time to get used to. Persistence is very important when trialling CPAP. As part of your CPAP trial, we will be contacting you throughout the next month.


If you have any further questions on how any of the equipment works, feel free to call us on 1-800-799-950.