In this video, we’re going to talk about our CPAP trial service. With the trials that we conduct for CPAP, these will typically last for one month. Within these trials, we’ll look at the different type of mask, the different type of machine. We’ll sort out the settings that you require for your therapy, but most importantly, we’re looking for improvement in how you feel and improvement to your statistics.

Within the trial, the three different types of masks that you’ll look at are ones that will go in your nostrils, ones that go over your nose, and one that goes over your nose and mouth. The way I work my trials is to send you home with one of each and let you decide which one you’ll be comfortable with.

Once you’ve found a mask you’re comfortable with, we have remote monitoring technology available. With this technology, we will evaluate the data and we can also make changes to your settings to make your therapy more comfortable and to make it specific to your needs.

During the trial, we’ll look at both the automatic Thai trading CPAP devices, and also the fix pressure CPAP devices. The most important thing during the CPAP trial is for you to notice improvement in how you feel and improvement to your statistics. At the end of the trial, we will know what equipment to use and how to set it. If you’re interested in trialling CPAP, the initial appointment will go for about half an hour. To book your appointment, simply give us a call on 1800-799 950 or drop us an email