Recently we asked the 600+ members of our Facebook CPAP support group what prompted them to do something about their Sleep Apnea in the first place.

Three common themes popped up:

  1. Their bed partners or a family member on a holiday reported to them that when they were asleep they were either snoring loudly or stopping breathing
  2. They noticed within themselves that they woke up tired, were lethargic during the day or felt sleepy while driving
  3. Their Doctor/Dentist/Specialist made a recommendation that getting a sleep study was a good idea

Since starting Sleep Right there has been a recurring theme of hesitance to do something about their sleep apnea. Whether it be costs involved, a desire to not use the therapy or finding the whole process a bit inconvenient, people tend to put off doing something about sleep apnea to a later time.

As Doctors and the public have become more aware of the condition, we have found that the time gap between general enquiries and then doing something about it is becoming less. With more and more CPAP companies opening, equipment is becoming cheaper, different therapies are becoming available and the convenience of doing a sleep study and getting onto therapy is becoming easier.

There is a lot of information now on the internet and knowing where to start can be confusing. Generally, the first port of call is your GP. Alternatively, you can join our CPAP Support Group on Facebook and speak to people who have gone through the process of doing something about their Sleep Apnea.