I have just landed back in the office after the launch of the AirMini.
What an interesting bit of equipment this is going to be. I have been told by ResMed I cannot display pictures of it for a little while, but as soon as I can, I will. I am going to share with you all of the information I know about the device:

Its going to be very small. The only two numbers I heard from the night were 136 MM * 30 MM

It is going to have remote connectivity and will team up with an app on your phone. Initially it will go to MyAir. AirView (our clinical software) will become available in the near future. This will be an automatic upgrade with the software within the existing machine. The humidifier will not be water based. There will be a connector available for your masks which will enable humidity. The P10 will not be compatible with the AirMini. There is a P10 AirMini specific mask available

The machines are going to retail at $2100 which will include a mask. We have not finalised how we will price the machine yet. The machine will run in AutoSet, AutoSet for Her and Fixed pressure modes.

Launch of the machine to the public is expected for Early may.

As soon as I know more and am able to share the info about the machine I will. Its looking like a very exciting product for you and us alike. Bring on Early May I say.