Once you have removed your stretched ResMed AirFit P10 Headgear, it is time to put on your replacement headgear.

Changing your P10 strap is a fairly easy process, below is a complete step-by step process of how to replace your ResMed P10 headgear.

Step One; Find the slit in your P10 headgear and grab your P10 frame.

Step Two: With the headgear slit facing outwards, thread the P10 frame through this slit and keeping moving it through to the end.

Step Three; You now need to pull the end of the headgear up and over the groove on the P10 frame.

Step Four; Your new headgear should now sit on your P10 frame as seen below.

Changing the strap on your P10 mask is a great way to freshen it up and improve its longevity, there are various other mask parts available for your P10 here.

If you’re in need of P10 headgear, Click here for the standard headgear and Here for the P10 for her headgear.