In this video we’re going to discuss the latest ResMed CPAP Full Face Mask, the AirTouch F20. It’s a great mask that is very easy it is to put on and off.

Now we’re going to discuss the memory foam cushion, the first of its kind in any CPAP mask. It’s soft. It’s super comfortable. It’s really easy to clean. Customers that are using it are giving it rave reviews. The AirTouch also comes with a QuietAir elbow which will mean less noise for you and your bed partner and also a more discreet exhaust for the exhaled air, meaning less disruptions again for you and your partner.

The ResMed AirTouch F20 is a good mask for side sleepers also as the memory foam cushion is more malleable into natural grooves in the skin and face shape. Again, with a better ability to seal, it will mean less disruptions for you and your bed partner.

When we are working with you to find an appropriate Full Face mask we want it to fit well to ensure it is comfortable, quiet and providing a vessel for air to pass through to keep your airway open.

The ResMed AirTouch F20 ticks all of these boxes.

The Memory foam cushion is replaceable every 30 days and is super easy to maintain. The cushion cannot get wet, so we encourage the use of CPAP mask wipes to ensure the mask is fresh throughout the 30 days of use.

To get your ResMed AirTouch F20 simply go to and order online.