The ResMed F20 has allowed us a really nice Full Face alternative that is comfortable and super easy to use.

The magnets on the F20 allow really easy putting on of the mask and taking off of the mask. We have quite a lot of patients with mobility issues in either their shoulders or have problems with their fingers which can make the clips used on several full face masks quite difficult to use.

The infinity seal cushion is also a lot softer meaning it is very comfortable and easier to get a seal with. The mask also has nothing in front of the eyes which seems to really help people who may be claustrophobic and don’t like having as much mask on their head.

The mask has a very easy elbow to take on and off through the night too if one needs to get up for the toilet etc.
A recent case study for this was a patient of mine in a local nursing home who had stopped using CPAP because it was too difficult to put on and off. We found that using the F20, as well as activating SmartStart on his AirSense 10 CPAP machine meant we took a lot of the hassle out of his therapy. He has now used the past 7 nights for over 5 hours and we have reduced his AHI to less than 5. Stll a bit of work to do with his usage, but much better than him not using the therapy at all.

The F20 is a full face mask we fully recommend. We have been getting a lot of queries about the Mirage Quattro, Quattro Air and F10 which have all been good masks, but we really do believe the F20 is a class above and definitely worth a try.

Check it out at Resmed F20