Package for ResMed AirFit P10 Headgear, Pillow and Clips

$ 115.00

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Products Includes:
1 P10 Headgear
1 P10 Pillow (XS, S, M, L)
1 P10 clips

– Genuine ResMed parts

“looking for the for her version? click here”

Please note this is not a complete mask. These are parts designed to freshen the mask up after a period of time. To see the full mask click here.


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Pillow Sizes

XS, S, M, L

Headgear for

Him Blue, Her Pink

46 reviews for Package for ResMed AirFit P10 Headgear, Pillow and Clips

  1. Avatar


    This is great. Was nice being able to update all the parts for the P10 without buying the whole mask. The clips make a huge difference. Thanks guys.

  2. Avatar


    It was easy to order and the product arrived quickly. Can anyone tell me what I do with the other two pillows that are not my size? Everytime I order a new kit I end up with 3 pillows-only one fits.

  3. Avatar


    Very happy with nose pillows. When first test was done I could not use as I was a mouth breather so had to retrain my self. So much better and comfortable.

  4. Avatar


    It’s great to be able to buy just what you need. I knew these parts would work for me and was therefore confident to buy. Thanks for the service.

  5. Avatar


    Great value.

  6. Avatar

    Christine Sheehan

    Great mask and the headgear ensures it stays on all night without movement. I use this mask when I have a cold and cant manage a nasal mask and it really fits the bill. Have tried many masks without success but this one is a winner.

  7. Avatar

    Christine Sheehan

    Sorry I wrote the review for the Resmed N20 mask not the P10. I have tried the P10 and while it is a great mask and so comfortable, I find it impossible to keep the headgear in place during the night despite using the clips. This is most probably my restless sleeping rather than the mask itself.

  8. Avatar

    Glenn Christie

    Good being able to buy just the required parts great service. The retail price of mask straps is way above what they should be and the straps have a very limited life for the cost. I have passed on my concerns to resmed .

  9. Avatar


    I was pleased to be able to buy only the parts I needed for my P10 mask. It is good to deal with a company which understands its customers’ needs – and responds. Thank you.

  10. Avatar

    Rob Hillier

    Great individual products and great, well priced package with excellent service. Many thanks.

  11. Avatar

    Judy knight

    Great to be able to buy parts separately. Clips very good

  12. Avatar

    Gayle Bowden

    Great price and great service thankyou

  13. Avatar


    So happy to finally be getting a good nights sleep again. Being able to replace just the pillows and strap makes a huge difference to the cost and Andrews service was excellent. I’ll definitely be buying my supplies from sleepright in the future.

  14. Avatar


    Loving having my P10 Nasal set and having the flexibility to purchase all the parts for replacement.

  15. Avatar

    Kevin Buck

    Good kit to service P10. Clips are a great idea to extend the life of the straps

  16. Avatar

    Sandra Drummond

    I found you to be very prompt in answering my queries and delivering my purchases. the Airfit P10 mask is very comfortable, light and less noisy than my previous mask. my husband thanks you too as it doesn’t blow on him so much. as I don’t have anywhere close by to purchase thee things, it’s good to have replacement parts on hand. thank you once again. Sandra Drummond.

  17. Avatar

    Geoff Portbury

    I needed to purchase a new strap. At $90 I consider an absolute ripoff. If it wasn’t for the fact that I need the machine and mask I would not have purchased it.

    • drsleepright


      Thanks for feedback Geoff. We understand the headgear is costly and that’s why we have included the pillow and clips to try and soften the impact. We will continue to work with ResMed to try and reduce this cost. – Andrew

  18. Avatar

    Geoff Moulder

    Terrific price and terrific service

  19. Avatar


    Great serice and appreciate the price which while still too much is cheaper than elsewhere

  20. Avatar


    Great getting the straps and pillows for such a good price . And thanks for the prompt service

  21. Avatar


    Finally someone who addressed the biggest flaw in the P10 mask by offering the use of clips to extend the life after stretching.

  22. Avatar


    Very well priced deal – much cheaper than buying the items singularly

  23. Avatar


    Much cheaper than buying package with different size pillows. Delivery A1.

  24. Avatar


    Fantastic service. I have been using CPAP for 10 years moving from a full mask though to nasal pillows. This mask is the best I have had yet. Heaven. Hardly know it is there.

  25. Avatar


    Great service, product is just what I wanted and reasonable price. Headset came with extra tightening clasps that I was not given with my original headset. Very cheap price.

  26. Avatar


    Package of parts is great, priced well, delivered quickly. Clips will be useful. Great service,. Highly recommended.

  27. Avatar


    Great kit for a good price and fast delivery. They also returned my call the next day.

  28. Avatar


    Fantastic fast service and great to be able to buy parts at a discounted price.

  29. Avatar


    Very good that we did not have to buy the whole unit. Service was excellent

  30. Avatar

    Rosemary Riley

    Prompt service, glad I didn’t have to buy tubing ,made it cheaper thank God as this equipment is far too expensive so I am grateful. Thank you

  31. Avatar

    George Walczak

    Great service, prompt delivery. However the cost of the headgear is still over the top.

  32. Avatar


    Very happy with my new Headgear, Pillow and Clips. To wake so refreshed after a good nights sleep is awesome!! Should have bought a machine years ago. Hint to females or people with long hair, tie your hair up, it helps keep the head strap in place (helps me anyway)…

  33. Avatar

    Tony Watson

    Great being able to buy just the required parts. The retail price of the headgear is way above what it should be and it loses it’s elasticity fairly quickly. The new pillows are great; didn’t realise the old ones had softened so much. Have not had any success with the clips; tried them on my old headgear and they didn’t grab the material. The new headgear is perfect for me when new. I’ll try the clips again as the straps begin to stretch.

  34. Avatar


    Perfect replacement product. Didn’t realise how bad the old headset gear was until my first sleep with the new one fitted. Thanks, will be be back again to update more often.

  35. Avatar


    Good service and promot delivery. A good deal compared to other sites.

  36. Avatar


    Great service and price , very quick delivery. I will recommend to all friends and acquaintances. Very good advice and tips as well.

  37. Avatar


    Fantastic being able to buy just the parts with the clips. Having afterpay available is a bonus. Fast mailout.

  38. Avatar

    Francis C

    Ive been using the Airfit P10 for 3 years now. Much better model than the Mirage Swift model. Pillow more snugged in P10. The design, cost-wise, better because you can replace only the frequently worn parts. Having clips also great. However, Resmed prices in Australia still too high compared to Aus-equiv US price. Customer service/delivery of Sleepright very good. Delivers item on estimated date

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Slowly starting to bridge the gap Francis.

  39. Avatar


    Excellent prices service and delivery, would highly recommend to friends and acquaintances.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Appreciate that Richard! thankyou.

  40. Avatar


    I found the price was much better than the city suppliers, the delivery was incredibly quick. I was getting replacement parts for my mask, so getting a good price was important. Never before have I had such attentiveness from a business, I have received emails to join their CPAP club, which I will do. I would highly recommend Sleep Right.

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Welcome aboard Helen. Nice review for us to walk into on a Monday morning. – Andrew

  41. Avatar

    Mark Newell

    Easy to order and delivery was good, agree with the comment above in regard to still some parts cheaper in the U.S.

  42. Avatar

    Mark Newell

    Easy to order and good delivery

  43. Avatar


    not to difficult to order for the inexperience online shopper. great to be able to get replacement parts without difficulty. very helpful phone service to reassure me about order. delivery came 4 days after; i have very slow postal service ; so quite speedy delivery for me. Thanks for great back up support for machine.

  44. Avatar

    Garry Schroder

    I agree with the other members,easy order& quick delivery

  45. Avatar


    2nd time I have purchased from your company, great service, price and product. Will be back

    • Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Andrew Nunn, CPAP specialist and consultant

      Love getting this feedback. Thanks Jim.

  46. Avatar


    Fast and reliable. Wish I could have only purchased the head rest only. Thank you.

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