The beauty of the modern CPAP masks is that they are made up of very few parts. The ResMed AirFit range of masks, for example, are now made up of 4 simple to use and replace parts.

The standard make up of a CPAP mask is to have a frame, headgear and cushion. Some masks will contain clips and some will have an extra bit of tube length.

In terms of wear and tear, the first parts of the mask that are likely to need replacing are the headgear and the cushions. We have set up some package deals which will allow you to purchase just a headgear and cushion. While using the same frame, you are essentially getting a new mask for a fraction of the cost.

CPAP Mask Package Deals

Occasionally you will find that part of your frame may become damaged, or you may lose a clip. All of these items are available for individual purchase.

A good example of a parts package which has been useful for our patients is the P10 headgear, nose cushion and clips. Due to the soft, stretch nature of this strap, this part will need replacing before other parts of the mask wear out. This example demonstrates nicely the value in replacing parts instead of buying whole masks.

How To Assemble Your ResMed AirFit P10

The second advantage of having spare parts for your mask is that while you are cleaning and drying one set of parts, you can be using the other one, allowing sufficient time for the parts to dry.

With the newer masks, the frames are now turning more universal. If you have been using a mask you like, but you think its not quite the right size, you will be able to find a different size cushion, again, allowing you to improve your therapy without spending as much money.

Replacing parts for your mask is simple and is a much cheaper alternative than buying a whole mask. If you need assistance in working out what part needs replacing please contact us by calling, emailing or utilising the LiveChat feature on the website.