In this video I’m going to talk to you about provent therapy. Provent uses expiratory positive airway pressure, otherwise known as EPAP. It has a one-way valve, so when you breathe in, feels relatively normal, but when you breathe out, you’re breathing against a back pressure. Typically we’re using provent for people that travel. Instead of packing their big bulky CPAP machine, you can fit up to two weeks worth in your top pocket. There are scientific research papers out proving that provent is an effective therapy for sleep apnea and helps to stop snoring.

When starting out on provent therapy, there is a trial pack. The first two nights of using provent, there is very little resistance when you breathe out. The next two nights, there is a little bit more resistance. The next two nights, there’s a little bit more resistance, and then after that we move on to the therapeutic resistance. If you’d like to trial provent, it is available via our website. Simply go to, or if you have any questions, call us on 1800-799-950.