One of the first things that people need to know about buying a CPAP mask like the ResMed Airfit P10 is that they are made up of several parts essential to safe and proper operation. Many of these components will ultimately need to be replaced to maintain the unit properly.

You might not be happy about having to spend additional cash, especially when getting everything you need for a CPAP treatment already presents a significant investment. Still, you will find that the CPAP machine is not as comfortable or pleasant to use after a few months. To properly maintain your Airfit P10, you will need to swap out some parts with new ones.

One such part you would want to keep handy is a replacement strap for your ResMed Airfit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask. These straps are more important than you realise as they help keep the mask on your face throughout the night. The strap also comes into contact with your skin absorbing sweat and moisture.

For sanitary reasons, ResMed recommends that you switch to a new strap every three months or so. For women who use the “ResMed Airfit P10 for her” (a variation of the same CPAP mask specifically designed for women), you might want to consider replacing the straps much sooner especially if you have sensitive skin.

Replacing the headgear clips  and headgear assembly

The straps are not the only part of your CPAP mask you interact with during use and there are others which wear out just as quickly. These elements include the headgear clips and the headgear assembly. Both parts directly come into contact with the skin’s surface just like the straps, and they serve a role that is equally important. The headgear clips work with the strap to secure the mask comfortably unto your face and slowly deteriorate after every use. The headgear assembly on the other hand keeps everything together and presses firmly on the face. For these reasons, ResMed recommends replacing the headgear clips and assembly at about the same time as the replacement strap (every three months) if only to keep the mask sterile and safe to use.

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