Have you bought a ResMed Airfit P10 in Australia and have been using it for quite some time? Perhaps you have been told that you will eventually have to replace some key components on the device and you are not too happy about it? After all, CPAP machines do not come cheap, and many cannot help but feel distraught that they will have to spend more money just to keep the machine working. Still, investing in replacement parts is essential if you are to keep your CPAP device running safely and efficiently.

Think about it — you spend more money on preventive maintenance services on your vehicle as fluids and parts wear out, the longer you drive it. You can say the same thing about a CPAP machine especially the mask, as it is the part you interact with the most. The headgear assembly, in particular, stays in contact with your face during sleep. ResMed recommends replacing the frame of the CPAP mask every three months if only for hygienic reasons.

Other parts on your ResMed Airfit P10 that you will have to replace on a regular basis:

ResMed Airfit P10 Replacement Strap

The straps are often one of the first parts to wear out on any CPAP mask, and the Airfit P10 is no exception. A set of replacement straps are hardly expensive and extremely useful which is why it is a good idea to keep them handy. After all, these straps are what keeps the mask on your face throughout your sleep. You would do well to replace the straps at the first indication of wear and tear.

Airfit P10 headgear clips

Another part often subjected to a significant amount of abuse according to most reviews on the ResMed Airfit P10 is the headgear clip. You might not think about it, but headgear clips deteriorate each time you take the mask on and off. Just like the straps, the headgear clips play an essential part in keeping the CPAP mask on your face throughout the night even as you move about in your sleep.

You would also want to make sure that you replace the headgear clips every six months for hygienic reasons. The clips can take in bacteria from moisture and perspiration that can cause facial skin problems. The replacement headgear clips are a must-have especially for the ResMed Airfit p10 for her and women with sensitive skin.

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