In this video, we’re going to show you how to change the components of the P10 mask. After a little while, this headgear will stretch. It is a very soft, stretchy headgear. It will stretch eventually but the good part about that is it is replaceable. The second part of the mask which can soften and become damaged is the pillow component which sits in the nostrils. Again, nice and easy to change over. Thirdly, we’ve got the tubing and the frame of the mask. These parts are generally more durable so what we have set up is a package where we can replace just the headgear, the pillow component of the mask and then we’ll also give you some extra clips as well which will allow you to tight the mask and get a bit more wear out of that headgear.

The process for changing the headgear is quite easy. All you need to do is remove the headgear from the frame and it slides off with ease. This may now be a very good opportunity to give your mask a thorough clean. To take the pillow component of the mask out, simply unclip by squeezing together and pulling out. So whether you’ve just finished cleaning your mask accessories or you’ve just received a new accessory package, the next step is to put the mask back together.

The first step is to find the slit in the headgear and then slide the frame into that. It can be a little bit tricky. Slide it in and then slide it over the connection point here in the frame and then repeat on the other side of the mask. There we go. Nice and simple. Then next step for us is to then insert the pillow. There are two sizes with the clip. You’ve got a small one and a large one. Make sure that they connect up properly with the mask here and here so you’ve got the small one on the top, the big one on the bottom and click. Your mask is now ready to use again.

What you may find after a couple of months again is that the headgear may stretch but thankfully, now, we have these clips available which will tighten your mask up. To use these clips, simply get your headgear into a little knot or a loop I should say and slide that through the clip pulling that through and one for the top strap. Adjust these clips according to your needs. So there you have it, putting the P10 back together is nice and simple, freshening up your mask with a new headgear strap and a new pillow will make a big difference in you therapy.

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