Image of the smallest CPAP, the ResMed AirMini

The main feedback we have been receiving about ResMed AirMini is that it is so convenient to travel with. While there are the obvious benefits of a smaller CPAP device (it takes up much less space), the other convenient thing about AirMini is the speed in which you can pack it. With its waterless humidifier, there is no time wasted emptying out your humidifier tub before packing it away, and no risk of water damage on your machine if you accidentally forget to empty your humidifier.

The little amount of space seems to be the most impressive thing about the ResMed AirMini when we get our feedback. With weight restrictions from the airlines and limited space in our suitcases, the small size of the device makes it very popular amongst our travelling patients. This makes sense… what would you rather take?… A couple of extra pairs of shoes or a CPAP machine….

The waterless humidifier tabs are great. Firstly, you do not have to find a tap to fill up your water chamber. Secondly, you the humidification you get from these is a surprisingly good quality. Unlike the water chambers and the heated tubes, there is no extra power required to get the effective humidification. While the converter and battery for the ResMed AirMini are not available yet, once they are, the power savings from not having to power the humidifier will be a big benefit for people.

The ResMed AirMini will provide power, space and time savings. It is a well thought out device that comes in convenient bags suited for travel.