Whenever doing your fortnightly equipment check, it’s important to also check the state of your CPAP tubing. What we find with the CPAP tubes is that sometimes they can lose their shape and become flat, and sometimes we’ll also find that there are holes in the CPAP tubing as well. The two key areas to check are the connection points up here, so around this area here, and also around here. What’s important to remember is a lot of moist, warm air runs through these tubes every night. It’s important to keep them clean to avoid the buildup of bacteria within your tube.

Another important part of your tube to check is where the mask connects in. What we’ll often see with older tubing is that the mask will slip out of this part here. This is a clear sign that your tube is ready to be replaced. Maintaining your machine and mask is very important, but the tubing is often overlooked. At Sleep Right Australia, we are running a special on heated tubes. Usually priced at $99, you can pick up a new heated tube for $60. Simply order online or give us a call, 1-800-799-950.