Today I’m going to talk to you about the N20 Nasal Mask and how it differs from the previous Nasal Mask models from ResMed.

The N20 Nasal Mask has got a really, really nice soft cushion and it’s got nothing that comes in front of the eyes. The other advantage of the N20 is that it has magnet clips to put it on and off. Its previous model, the N10, they have magnet clips, too, but what we’ve found with this one was that it pressed on people’s lips up here and it also leaked up into people’s eyes.

The N20 doesn’t have anything in front of the eyes, so that little period before we’re falling asleep, nothing in front of the eyes to block our vision there. Also, with the Mirage FX, we did have a little bit of a problem with the seal in here breaking after a period of time, as opposed to the N20, where we have a nice little clip here, which is a far simpler connection point.

Overall, we have found the N20 to be a much sturdier mask. We are getting a much better seal, it’s softer on the face, meaning it’s much more comfortable for our patients.


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