I’m making a quick video to review the three masks that we’re currently using: the P10, the N20 and the F20 all from ResMed. The first one is the P10. So a really lightweight mask, nothing in front of the eyes, very simple to put on and off. So I’ll put it on firstly. My theory with putting on any CPAP mask is mask first then the strap. This one you’ve got writing on the bottom, you’ve got LR, which stands for left and right, and the M there is the size, this one’s a medium. So let’s go. Nose first, then the strap.

So another little technique thing with this one, I always grab the strap that’s going to hit the bottom of my head, nose first, and then pull to the back of the head. Nice and easy to put on and off. So, yep, that’s the P10. The other thing I like about this one is it’s got a little mesh thing at the front here, so when it’s blowing out the exhaust you’re not getting a direct jet of air, it’s a little mesh, so we find that pretty cool, doesn’t blow on your partner’s back, won’t hit you on the arms during the night, yeah, good feature.

Secondly we’re going to look at the N20. So this one got released a few months ago. We love it. We’ve got 40 or 50 of them out at the moment. People are loving it. There was a money back offer. I think two of them came back because they went from the nasal pillow mask to this and just didn’t like the extra stuff on their head, so yeah. I’ll chuck it on and I’ll talk through what I like about it. So again, using the Andrew theory of CPAP masks, we go mask on the face first, then the strap, pulled at the back of the head, and then it’s a little magnet clip, see how easy that clips on. All right, that’s on, so that’s really easy. Straps down the bottom here to adjust. Then you’ve got the straps here you can adjust as well. So tight enough that the mask seals when the pressure comes on, but not too tight that it’s pulling on your face. So I’ve probably got this a bit tight, but I’m just showing you how to use it, so that’s all good.

So yeah, little magnets, that’s the bit we like. Nothing in front of the eyes, that’s the bit we like. Now this one’s got that direct jet of air; yeah, don’t love that, but it’s there, and it may not annoy you, so worth having a crack at and see how you go. To take it off, just take the magnets off so you’re not re-adjusting the strap all the time.

Lastly we’re going to look at the F20. So the F20 is the full face version of the one we just did. Again, we’ve got about 40 or 50 of these out at the moment, been out for a few months. We love it. One thing that is different from the F10, the front clip here. So the F10 we found this clip was sometimes coming out and people were noticing they had to really push it in at the start of the night or in the middle of the night, which was annoying. That’s a lot sturdier.

Again, nothing in front of the eyes with this. I’ll do the talking now because I’ll have it over my mouth. So nothing in front of the eyes with this. It’s a different material too, a little bit softer, so that’s a good thing. I’ll chuck it on. So, the Andrew theory, mask first, then the straps, and then the magnets. Okay, so that’s on, Velcro up there, Velcro down the bottom.

Okay, so we’re just finding that’s a lot easier than the old Mirage FX and the Quattro F10 masks, rather than having … I’ll chuck it on. Rather than having to reach around the front here and trying to hook that over the hooks there, We are able to just use the magnets. So with this one we’ve got Velcro adjustments too. So you’ll see whenever I adjust these masks, I do them at the same time to try and keep it central on my face. You see if I just pull one strap the mask will go that way, same that way. So let’s do them at the same time, keep it nice and central. Again, the theory is tight enough that it doesn’t leak, not too tight that it hurts your face.

All right, that’s a quick wrap on those masks. Any questions, email us: info@sleepright.com.au. Or give us a call: 1800-7999-50!