In this video, we’re going to talk to you about the world’s smallest CPAP machine, the ResMed AirMini. The ResMed AirMini is feature-packed. The device will work in AutoSet, AutoSet for Her, and in fixed-pressure Elite mode. The two main features of the ResMed AirMini that we like are the waterless humidification, and obviously, the tiny size of the device. The waterless humidification is a unique part of the ResMed AirMini. How it works is that when you exhale, it will get rid of the carbon dioxide, but it will trap the moisture and the heat from the exhaled breath.

The ResMed AirMini is much smaller than any other CPAP device on the market. Its compact size and packaging make it super easy for you to transport it from place to place. The trade off for the smaller size is that some people have noticed that it is a little bit noisier. The ResMed AirMini can be used specifically as a travel device, or it can be used as your standalone primary source of therapy.

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