Are you looking for some of the best CPAP masks on the market and wondering if the ResMed Airfit F20 Mask might just fit the bill? It is a popular choice for people that value comfort above anything else or have serious doubts about whether they would be able to sleep with a mask on at all. If that sounds a lot like you, then it might be worth your time to give the Airfit F20 a closer look.

In this post, we will go over some notable features about the Airfit F20 CPAP mask and what you can expect out of it. Only then can you decide whether it is the right ResMed product for you.

Airfit F20 Vs F10

As the name suggests, the F20 is a CPAP mask that improves upon its’ predecessor – the Airfit F10. Both may look similar enough, but the Airfit F20 comes with some features that make it the better CPAP mask over the F10. For one thing, the F20 has been found to be lighter and more comfortable to use. Some people that are new to CPAP machines applaud the F20 as extremely pleasant to use so that they had no problem adhering to the treatment.

Here are some features to love about the ResMed Airfit F20

An unobstructed view of the surroundings

Most people that put on the Airfit F20 CPAP mask for the first time tend to appreciate the full-face design that offers maximum visibility. The mask only covers the nose as well as the base of the forehead and nothing over the eyes. The design lets you do things that you usually would such as watching television or reading a book even while wearing the CPAP mask. The design is also useful for people who are claustrophobic and require an unobstructed field of view to tolerate the treatment.

Adaptable to different headgear sizes

For best results, ResMed had seen fit to offer a bunch of optional accessories for the Airfit F20 that will help you personalise the mask for a better and more comfortable kit. The headgear is one such accessory and comes in different sizes — standard, small and large.

Infinity Seal Cushion Technology

At the heart of the comfort that the Airfit F20 is ResMed’s proprietary InfinitySeal technology that allows the mask to adapt to one’s facial features more than 90 percent of the time. The Airfit F20 cushion helps keeps the mask comfortable and secure regardless of pressure settings which also means fewer chances of discomfort in the nasal bridge area.

Frosted silicone technology

The Cushion of the Airfit F20 is treated with frosted silicone which ensures that the mask stays as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Compatible with most CPAP and BiPAP machine

You do not necessarily have to use the Airfit F20 with a ResMed CPAP machine. The machine should work with most models of CPAP machines in the market, so you need not worry about compatibility issues. Just connect the mask with the tubing, and you are good to go.

Ease of maintenance

Cleaning the Airfit F20 is a cinch thanks to a highly innovative design which allows you to disconnect the headgear from the frame for easy maintenance. You get access to just about every section of the mask which helps prevent a buildup of dirt and bacteria.

ResMed Airfit F20 for her

The F20 CPAP model of CPAP mask is one of the few in the market that has a custom fit version for women. The Airfit F20 for her comes in a smaller and more delicate scale to better suit the facial features of women. Of course, the same model of CPAP mask comes with similar features and comfort that you would come to expect from the standard sized model.

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