Are you looking for some of the most comfortable full face CPAP masks on the market? If so, then you will not be disappointed with what the ResMed Airfit F20 mask has to offer. ResMed designed the CPAP mask for maximum comfort and ease of use, but is this the case?

In this post, we will take a good look at some of the features the Airfit F20 has to offer and what makes it better than many of its counterparts in the market. Only then can you decide if it is the right CPAP mask for your sleep therapy.

A few things that we loved about the ResMed Airfit F20 Cushion

  • Extremely flexible mask frame — the CPAP mask adapts and moves on your face as you sleep thereby ensuring comfort and a better quality of sleep
  • The infinity seal cushion that adapts to most facial features for a secure and more comfortable fit. Ideal for people who have been having trouble finding a mask that comfortably fits on their face during sleep
  • Quick release lever that allows you to separate the mask from the tubing without having to remove the mask entirely. The feature is useful for when you need to get up to go to the bathroom. You can just reconnect the mask to the tubing and get right back to sleep.
  • Magnetic clips that allow you to remove the mask from the frame or put it back on with minimal time and effort. If you have checked out other reviews about the Airfit F20 Vs F10 (its’ predecessor), note that while both look similar enough, the magnetic clips is a feature that you will only find on the F20.
  • Noise dampening airflow design — the Airfit F20 has an ingenious airway design that disperses airflow evenly to reduce noise from the incoming air which may otherwise interfere with one’s sleep.

ResMed Airfit F20 for her

Women often have it worse when it comes to shopping for the right CPAP masks as they often find it more difficult to find one that is comfortable enough to use during sleep. If that sounds a lot like you, then you will be happy to know that the Airfit F20 is one of the few full-face CPAP masks in the market that has versions explicitly designed to suit the small facial features of female users.

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