ResMed have released a program to help you through your CPAP journey.

MyAir can be accessed online or through an App on your phone. It is synced in with both The ResMed AirSense 10 devices and ResMed AirMini.

Data is transmitted over the 4G network.

Above is an image of the report you will receive each day. Ultimately you will get a score out of 100 which will be used as an indicator of how things are going. As time goes by you will notice what your “normal” score is.

If you notice things shifting away from this normal score, it gives you a good troubleshooting tool. On top of this, there are some good tips on how to improve your CPAP use to make it more efficient and comfortable.

To join MyAir, follow this link

The 4G transmission of data also allows us to remotely track how you are going with your therapy.

We use a program called AirView which allows us to receive data and also make changes to your CPAP therapy. This feature is terrific for you as it allows us to manage your therapy long term with minimal fuss.