A common question that we get is who utilises Sleep Right Australia’s services?

The most common reason for people doing a sleep study is “partner disturbance.”…. That is, somebody has made mention of your snoring.

Secondly, people will come see us because they are experiencing symptoms or signs of sleep apnea. These include:

  • Witnessed pauses to breathing through the night
  • waking unrefreshed
  • lacking energy or feeling sleepy during the day
  • frequently needing to go to the toilet during the night
  • sore throat
  • headaches

And thirdly, we will get referrals through from doctors to help manage other health conditions. This is a discussion better to have with your doctor.

If you think you might be suffering from sleep apnea or you are a snorer, the first thing to do is to get a sleep study form your GP or Specialist.

Once you’ve got a referral, we then do a sleep study.

We conduct our sleep studies is to come to your home and fit the monitoring equipment. The beauty of how we conduct our home sleep studies is that we come to your home and fit the monitoring device for you. Although the device and process looks difficult, we do all the hard work by coming to your home and fitting the device for you.

The device you will wear overnight.

The next day we will get the device back into the clinic, we will then upload the data and get a report back from our Sleep Physician within two weeks.

Once we get this report back, we’ll send that back to your referring doctor and we’ll conduct a results’ discussion with you, which will outline findings from your study and also treatment recommendations for you to pursue into the future.