As you’ll discover, it’s easy to disassemble and clean. The AirFit P10 has just three main parts.

To disassemble, hold the tubing, then squeeze and pull the pillows away from the frame. Remove the head gear from the frame stabilisers by holding the fabric end of each strap, slightly pulling it out to reveal the button hole. Then, you simply slide each side off.

And that’s it. The mask’s fully disassembled. Now let’s clean it.

Always follow cleaning instructions to maintain the performance and safety of your mask.

Hand wash the pillows and frame with tubing daily by rubbing in warm soapy water, using mild soap.

To keep the vent clean, use a soft bristled brush daily. Over time, the vent may discolour, but don’t worry. It’s not a safety concern and won’t affect the performance of your mask. Hand wash the quick fit head gear once a week in warm water, using mild soap; and you don’t have to remove it from the mask to do it. After cleaning, rinse all components in tap water. Dry the vent by gently wiping it with a cloth, and make sure it’s dry before the next use. Allow all of the other components to air dry completely, avoiding direct sunlight.

Now, let’s put your mask back together again.

With the grey side facing out, put the end of the head gear strap over the stabiliser, through the button hole. Then slide it all the way down, and wrap it over at the end. It’s just like doing up a button. Repeat the process on the other side.

Then, give it a gentle tug to make sure the head gear’s on securely. Finally, put the pillows into the frame by inserting the shorter clip into the top slot, like this; then, the longer one into the lower slot. If you notice that the inner wall of one or both of the pillows is slightly out of shape, compressed, or collapsed, just squeeze the sides to release the pressure, and it should spring back to shape.

And your mask is ready to use again.