If you are diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea and its suggested you use CPAP, why should you do a trial instead of just purchasing a machine straight up?

During the trial we are trying to work out a few different things:

  1. Which mask you are going to use
  2. Which machine you are going to use
  3. What settings are best suited to treat your Sleep Apnoea and snoring
  4. Whether you can tolerate using the machine
  5. Whether you are noticing benefits from using the machine

CPAP is a long term therapy which can be tricky used to. We find that being in close contact with you during this first month goes a long way in ensuring long terms success when using the device.

During the trial we loan you three different types of mask: one that sits in the nostrils, one that goes over the nose and one that goes over the nose and the mouth. We find that actually taking the masks home to try is much more effective than guessing in the clinic which one will be best suited to you.

There are two different types of machine. Automatically titrating devices and fixed pressure devices. Again, we find that allowing you to trial both machines allows you to get a feel for which device will work best for you. The automatic device will vary its pressure based on each breath through the night, while the fixed pressure device stays on a constant pressure through the night. As a general rule, both machines will work for people. Both machines have their advantages which will be discussed through the trial.

The automatic devices are generally easier to find the optimum pressure settings. There are still adjustments that need to be made to ensure the range of the pressure is working for you. To gauge the Fixed pressure, we use the 95% average from the automatic trial and use that.

We also have the ability to adjust your comfort settings such as the humidifier, ramp time, expiratory pressure relief and response rate settings.

We are able to log in remotely to evaluate and adjust these settings as there is a SIM card within all of our DEMO devices. This technology is also in the machine you will eventually purchase. This makes the whole experience much more efficient as we can fix anything that needs adjusting instantly.

Having a mask on your face, blowing pressure into you is a different experience and can take some time to tolerate. A lot of people adjust to it on the first night and there are some people who take a bit more time to get used to the machine. Having us available to talk to and guide you through this process is valuable as we have been through it over 1000 times with our patients over the past 7 years.

Most importantly we want you to notice benefits from using the machine. Benefits can include:

  • Waking more refreshed
  • Less sleepiness during the day
  • More energy during the day
  • Less need for the toilet during the night
  • Less interrupted, more peaceful sleep
  • Stopping snoring
  • Management of other health conditions

CPAP takes time to get used to and persistence is important. Having people to guide you through the process is important. With remote monitoring and use of the most up to date equipment, we believe you have a great chance of being able to tolerate and notice the many benefits of using CPAP to manage your sleep apnoea.