We have been running a special of late where you can upgrade your P10 mask headgear and also your cushion, as well as getting the new clips.
I have been surprised that a lot of people didn’t know you could take that strap off. I think that suggests I did not educate you properly about this, so my apologies on that one. Better late than never though, hey??

If you watch the attached video, it will give you a good run down on how to pull the mask apart and how to put it back together. I am finding the P10 headgear does stretch over time. We have found that rinsing this in warm water at least once a week, does help to maintain its strength. The addition of the clips has also meant that patients are getting more life out of the strap.

I do notice that people will wear their equipment for longer when they use new equipment. Whether it’s the better seal or just the feel of new things, I’m not sure, but there certainly is a correlation.

If you are having any issues with this or you would like to update your strap, call us on 1800799950, email us at info@sleepright.com.au or pop in and see us at 82 Ovens Street Wangaratta.