The P10, N20 and F20 masks are my go to masks at the moment when setting people up on trials.

They are all easy to fit, easy to put on and off, comfortable and easy to clean.

The ResMed AirFit P10 has been around for a couple of years now and continues to be the most popular mask. Its small size, ease of use, lightweight straps and mesh exhaust means this mask is high in demand with everyone who comes in to see us.

When the mask first came out, the first thing I noticed was how light it actually was. Then when I first turned the machine on to do a fitting I couldn’t tell whether it was on. Not only was it quiet, but the mesh out the front mean that the exhaust was let out with much more subtlety. Patients have noticed it does not disturb them as much when they sleep, but their partners have been the big winners with this innovation.

The parts are all replaceable with the headgear being the first thing to give out usually. This is the trade off we have to accept given its light weight and comfort. We are finding though that a wash with warm soapy once a week and the introduction of the new clips has been really beneficial in increasing its lifespan.
As a service provider, I love this mask, but more importantly our patients love it. Definitely worth a go if you have given it some consideration.

The ResMed AirFit N20 is the latest over the nose mask available. The innovation on these has been the magnets. That, and nothing interrupting the line of vision. This has meant we are now using my old trusty favourite the Mirage FX much less. The magnets are making these masks so much easier to use. This is making them more accessible to a wider range of people who have poor movement in their hands and fingers.

It sounds funny that not having something in your line of vision is a strength of something you sue while you are asleep, but it certainly does make a difference. I am finding people are settling quicker at the start of the night with this feature and its also helped people who battle with claustrophobia but cannot tolerate the P10 in the nostrils. Patients can also wear their glasses while wearing their mask if they wish to read while wearing their mask.

The mask also has an extra bit of tube length allowing a greater range of movements through the night. This also means less disturbances to the mask seal during the night. On the mask seal, the cushion is the new “infinity” technology which is a lot softer and more durable again helping this mask to be more successful.
Patients and I enjoying the first few months of the N20 and getting some great feedback on these. Another mask worth a try.

The ResMed AirFit F20 is a full face mask that carries similar strengths to the N20. The magnets for ease of use, the infinity cushion for extra comfort and the lack of anything in front of the yes make the F20 a really popular Full Face Mask.
Another feature of the F20 is the new elbow assembly. It is a bit bigger than the past one but it is a lot easier now to manoeuvre into place if you take it out during the night for the toilet or if you take it out to clean the mask.

ResMed should be applauded for their new range of masks. I like them because they make my job a lot easier. Our patients love them because they are more comfortable, quieter, easier to clean, easier to use and generally better. If you haven’t tried one of these masks yet, I strongly recommend it.