We have some big news about a very small CPAP machine.

ResMed are due to release the World’s smallest CPAP machine in the coming months. When exactly? I am not sure, but I am attending the launch for the device on Monday April 3rd where I will have more details. I will be passing these details onto you as soon as I get them.

“ResMed AirMini is the portable travel CPAP patients and home medical equipment providers have been waiting for, and we look forward to bringing it to market later this year,” said ResMed CEO, Mick Farrell. “It fits easily in carry-on luggage – even in the seatback pocket on the plane-and delivers all the best-in-class comfort features patients need to get the best sleep.”

Again, I do not have any more information than this, but as soon as I get it, I will be forwarding it on to you. Watch this space.