What is involved?

Your sleep study will be conducted in the comfort of your own home. A technician will come some time after 5 PM to fit the sleep study device. We use top of the range equipment which provides comprehensive, accurate data.

What do I wear? 

We recommend wearing what you would usually wear to bed. If that is usually nothing, please wear something for our arrival and we will work out a strategy for minimising what you wear overnight. If you like to shower before bed, you will need to do this before we arrive.

What happens?

Once the technician comes to your home, you will be fitted with a monitor. Once the monitor is fitted, you will be restricted with movements and have some equipment on your head. You will be confined to the home once the device has been fitted. You will still be able to eat, drink and walk around, but we recommend getting the majority of your nightly tasks done before we arrive.

You will wear the monitoring equipment overnight. In the morning, you will take the gear off, fill out a questionnaire and return the device at a pre-arranged location.

What next?

Your data is sent to our scoring Sleep Physician who will score your data into a neat report. Your report will be ready within two weeks. Your report will be returned to your referring Health Professional and we will contact you to make a time to discuss your report and the treatment recommendations.