CPAP masks are generally made up of four components- the cushion, headgear, elbow and frame. The term ‘CPAP mask’ refers to all of these parts as a whole. In this article we will explain the basic components of your CPAP mask and the terminology that goes along with it.

Examples of complete CPAP Masks


The CPAP cushion is the part of the mask that sits over your airway, either over the nose or over the nose & mouth. It is often made from silicone or memory foam. 


The headgear is the fabric part of the mask that sits over the head, keeping the mask in place.


The elbow connects your CPAP machine tubing to the mask and facilitates the passage of air. The elbow also works to exhaust CO2 from the mask.


The frame of the mask connects everything together.

All of these parts are replaceable and can be found here.

The above components when put together form a complete CPAP mask