The recently launched ResMed AirTouch N20 Mask has a lot to offer. In this blog post we will explore some of the features that the AirTouch N20 mask has to offer.

  1. Elbow/Tubing: The AirTouch N20 has a short and flexible elbow/tube joint. The quick-release style of the elbow makes it simple to disconnect your tube without removing the entire mask.
  2. Soft Fabric Frame: The frame of the AirTouch N20 is soft, flexible and effective in reducing red pressure marks on the face. It is designed as an ‘open field of vision’ frame, allowing you to read or watch TV without obstruction.
  3. Memory Foam Cushion: The UltraSoft Memory Foam material used in creating this product allows for the cushion to adapt to your facial contours. This ensures an effective seal is achieved and maintained throughout the night. This cushion requires replacing every 30 days and can be given a daily wipe over with your CPAP mask wipes.
  4.  Plush Headgear: The ergonomically designed headgear. The headgear is made of a soft fabric creating a more comfortable and soft feel. This soft fabric headgear while providing comfort also prevents pressure and marks from occurring.

Click here for the AirTouch N20 Mask or Click here for the AirTouch N20 For Her Mask.