The AirFit P30i mask is one of the first of it’s kind.  With the comfort of a traditional pillow mask and the same simplistic concept, the AirFit P30i mask has it’s own distinguishing features that may make it the next nasal pillow mask for you.

The main points of difference you will find with the AirFit P30i are;

  • A top of the head frame which allows the tubing of your CPAP machine to lay above your head and out of the way as opposed to in front of your face. This all-inclusive design means that you can use it for all sleep positions- including side and stomach.


  • The AirFit P30i also features new reinforced headgear. The durable design will improve the longevity of your mask ensuring you get the most of your CPAP therapy.

The AirFit P30i is a great nasal pillow mask option, it is comfortable, durable and is now available for pre-order.

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